Google Ads Rolls Out Higher Character Counts for Paid Search

Google Ads Rolls Out Higher Character Counts for Paid Search

Google Ads Rolls Out Higher Character Counts for Paid Search

Big news has hit the world of digital marketing. Google Ads officially increased the character count for paid search advertising. This unforeseen update allows users to create an additional headline and description for text ads within Search campaigns.

Before the August roll out, Google Ads previously supported only two headlines and one description. This set of updates produces a third headline and second description. When creating a text ad, users will see green text boxes to indicate the change within the platform.

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What does this mean for advertisers?

The latest development to the search network’s software generates a huge opportunity for advertisers and marketers alike. A single ad can now contain 30 additional characters in Headline 3 and 90 additional characters in Description 2, totaling to a whopping 120 extra characters. (New to Google Ads? Check out our Complete Guide to Outbound Marketing for a crash course on the basics.)

The possibilities are endless!

Let’s use Evenbound as an example. Look at the difference in ad copy when we compare the old version of Google Ads to the new, extended character count version:



A noticeable difference in the size of the ad, right? For Google Ad users, the extra characters mean a greater opportunity to capture the eye of a Google searcher with creative copy. More detail, more keywords, more opportunity to sell a visitor on your brand, product or service.

However, this change will not only impact advertisers but it will always affect the search experience. With the update, Internet users will have to digest lengthier paid content than ever before. Is it reasonable to expect your targeted customer to read through 270 characters? We’ll find out over the next few months as more and more digital marketers and businesses take advantage of this new layout.

Google’s Rebrand

This update comes shortly after Google’s rebrand from AdWords to Google Ads in June of 2018. The rebrand goes far beyond a new name and vibrant logo. Google explains the transition from AdWords to Google Ads is a step in a broader effort to simplify its advertising options.

As stated by Google, the complete rebrand will occur in waves during the upcoming months. The additional characters are one part to a much larger process.

Now is the time to get a head start on your competition and take advantage of the 120 additional characters granted to Google Ad users. Before everyone jumps on the bandwagon of more keywords and lengthier copy, explore how the recent shift to the digital world can impact your business by vamping your own ads.

Want to get the most leads out of paid search as possible? Schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll steer you in the right direction for digital success.

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