How This Agency Generates Real Estate Leads with SEO

How This Agency Generates Real Estate Leads with SEO

How This Agency Generates Real Estate Leads with SEO

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Mack Dudayev is the co-founder of Chance Realty LLC. After perfecting his business growth strategies in his first company, he decided to turn his sights on the real estate world, using all of his digital marketing tricks to grow his agency.

SEO is one of the best sources of real estate lead generation if you compare the ROI of other digital marketing efforts. Whether you want to attract leads locally, create brand awareness, boost trust or even enhance your user’s experience, it is a reliable method and when done right, it offers a long term solution for businesses looking to generate leads. The reason search engine optimization has a positive impact on the buying cycle is that the more information you provide your customers, the more you draw them to you. Customers love researching, and if they can easily find what they are looking for with you as the source, the easier it will be to position yourself as an expert.

And while SEO has plenty of benefits, a lot of real estate businesses are struggling to generate leads. Real estate is one of the biggest markets, but there are still so many drawbacks that are a pain to most realtors and agencies because of challenges that come with marketing yourself in such a saturated field. 

There are different ways of generating leads, both organic and paid. From advertising to SEO, social media, website, video marketing and so on, the possibilities are endless. Very few agencies have it easy with lead generation, and the majority are those which struggle. Chance Realty struggled like many other agencies, but at last, hacked the secret to lead generation through organic search. Here is how we did it: 

7 Effective Ways of Performing SEO for Real Estate Lead Generation

Implementing SEO in real estate or any other business is not a guarantee for success. Just as it may work, it might equally fail. A lot of factors go into making it work, but some businesses are still getting it wrong. If you are still struggling with your SEO for real estate, the following are a few tips to do it right and what helped Chance Realty, a real estate agency in Boca Raton, thrive with their efforts. 

Focus on a Niche

A good rule of thumb for SEO is working with one specific niche. It is easier to focus on one niche rather than spreading yourself thin to many. It gives you the opportunity to direct your energies to one particular audience. The good thing is that this presents you with different options to choose from. Do you want to focus on people of a specific status? Are you more interested in a specific kind of home? Or do you want to deal with a specific location? 

There is no limit to how you can make yourself stand out. Our recommendation is to keep to one neighborhood until you have absolutely dominated it organically. If you are an agent or have agents that speak another language, that is another market in your area that you can go after. This not only helps you stand out as an expert to your customers but also to the search engines. They prefer niche sites over broad ones and it will give you a two-fold advantage by carving out a niche for yourself. 

Know the Importance of Content

A lot of real estate businesses do not understand the importance of good content. You need unique content that carries value for your audience. Search engines will only provide web visitors with content relevant to their searches. And relevance is mostly determined by quality. So, if your content is poor, your SEO will definitely fail. Bad enough, a lot of real estate businesses don’t know the role content plays for SEO, and hence don’t use it at all. A lot of real estate agencies simply create websites that talk about them and their listings. 

The best thing you can do for your SEO is create in-depth content about all of the communities in your area to give those seeking information a view into what they’re shopping for. If your content is of good quality, they will not want to work with anyone else. This also gives you the advantage to show up in the search for those looking to rent or purchase in those communities.

Build Partnerships

It is through partnerships that you get to spread your outreach. Partnerships introduce you to new audiences, both within your local area and outside. Find out about other businesses operating in your area, and see if they can agree to partner with you. This can be something as simple as writing a guest post for another local business to introduce yourself to their visitors, and also earn a backlink to your website, which will help increase your rankings. 

Don’t Forget the Listings

Any real estate expert will tell you black and white that listings are very important. They give your business great exposure to an assortment of audiences. In addition, it offers the convenience you need and gives you the opportunity to approach the most suited prospects for your property. So, don’t take your chances and ignore MLS listings, as they can go a long way to boosting your leads. Especially if your website has good SEO, you have the potential to be discovered in the search of certain address searches. 

Think of Resettlers

While most of your audience and prospects are the locals, chances are that there are other people considering moving to that area. You will also want to keep them in the loop. Tailor content to inform such people about the area and the kind of property you deal with. Make sure the content is inclusive of the kind of information that enlightens and attracts them to what you are offering. Doing some keyword research to see where people are coming from mostly to your city, and create content around it to target those movers. You can see an example of this type of content here

Focus on Enlightening People

When looking for homes most people will go out of their way to find out the kind of a place they are moving into. In addition to finding the perfect home, any home buyer will consider the convenience of that location. If the home is not conveniently located, there may be no purchase. Do the heavy lifting for your prospects and create content geared towards enlightening people about the area. 

Convert Your Traffic

Leads are great, but how do you keep them interested? The answer is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). You need to find different ways, if not one, for converting your visitors to leads, otherwise they will exit your page and move to the next one. While you may need them to take action, you need to offer them something valuable. For example, you may choose to offer more info in exchange for an email subscription, or an ability to search listings for their contact info. Just make sure that whatever you are offering is not unrealistic or else your leads will shy away. If your content offers great value to your visitors, they will be inclined toward taking the next action. 

Start Now

In the end, a good SEO campaign is about consistent and sustainable work. Make sure to build links and create high-value content, positioning yourself as an expert in your area, and the leads will follow. At Sovereign Oaks, we were able to grow our organic traffic and drive organic leads through these efforts. 

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