We’ve worked with a lot of B2B clients, and one thing we’ve noticed many companies seem to have in common is an old, outdated website.

We get it. As a B2B manufacturer, your website is probably your last priority. You needed it when the whole world went to the web, and since then you haven’t made many changes to it. A lot of B2B manufacturers don’t see the point, as you can’t physically sell your product online anyway; a salesperson has to handle any client, so what could a fancy website do for you that your sales team doesn’t already?

Well, that would all be fine, except for two things: 1). Technology moves so quickly that your website, once new and cutting edge, has probably fallen far behind the rest of the competition. 2). With the rise of the internet, buyer habits have changed, making your website the first thing any potential client looks at.

What we’re getting at here, is that a website redesign is inevitable if you want to stay current and generate leads. That’s why we put together this B2B Manufacturing Website Design Guide: so you have an easy reference point when you do decide it’s time to upgrade.

A complete redesign might sound daunting, but this Website Design guide will help you determine what exactly you should integrate into a new site, and how it will help you in the long run.

You’ll be able to figure out exactly what practices you need to implement to put your website back at the top. The website design guide will make it easy for you to redesign your website in a way that helps you stand out as a leader of the industry, and generates leads.

You can download the guide now, or keep reading to see if an upgrade is something your B2B manufacturing company actually needs.

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Not sure if an upgrade is really worth it?

Let’s just see if any of the following sound like your current website:

It’s Not Mobile Responsive: Your current website doesn’t accommodate mobile viewers. It’s big bulky, takes a long time to load, and doesn’t resize for phone or tablet screens.

Has Too Much Copy: Got a lot of words and not a lot of pictures? That’s an issue. If your home page is one giant square covered in all kinds of content in small font, you’re looking at an upgrade.

Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand: If you haven’t updated your site in at least 5 years, chances are it’s not reflecting your company’s vision or goals. 5 years is eons in the digital world. Your company has probably grown and made changes over those 5 years, and so should your website. You want your site to be an accurate depiction of the quality work you do, and the vision you have for your company. An old website is more than just outdated, it looks unprofessional and sloppy too.

Bad Imagery: Still using stock photos? Maybe don’t. Customers can spot stock photos from a mile away, and they take away from your authority and credibility. If you are using stock photos, they should at the very least be eye-catching and high resolution. No blurry pictures allowed.

Talks Only About You: If your website does nothing but regale your customers with stories of your overall greatness, you need an update. Online clients don’t care why you’re the best at what you do, they just want to know what, specifically, you can do for them.

If any of the above sound like your website, if it’s big, slow to load, and just not user-friendly, it’s time to upgrade. Your B2B manufacturing website is your biggest lead generating tool; you don’t want it to just sit on the internet and take up space.

A website redesign might sound like an impossible and lengthy task, but it really doesn’t have to be. While it might take you a minute to find someone to work on it for you, the money you spend redesigning your website will be pennies compared to the leads you’ll generate with a current, modern, and user-friendly website optimized for the web.

There are a few things a B2B manufacturing website has to have to generate leads, but once you implement those, you’ll have a functional website that puts you light-years ahead of the competition, and shows off your company as it really is: an ahead-of-the-curve industry leader.

For a complete, easy-to-use and accessible guide on how to optimize your website to generate leads and boost your online presence, check out our B2B manufacturing website design guide!

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