Case Study: Real Estate Development Lead Generation

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Case Study, Lead Generation, Real Estate Development Marketing

Sovereign Oaks is a residential real estate development in Asheville, North Carolina with a focus on sustainable living, backyard farming, and family living. Properties for sale in Sovereign Oaks offer long-range mountain views, quiet meadows, and wooded stream-front settings. Aside from Sovereign Oaks’ dedication to sustainable living, the community is also unique in its location with the development being just minutes from bustling downtown Asheville. This offers Sovereign Oaks residents the best of rural life, with all the benefits of Asheville’s urban life in close proximity. Sovereign Oaks provides residents the opportunity to build a family home in an up and coming area where they’ll maintain a wide plot of land and live with other like-minded, environmentally-conscious neighbors.

Challenged to deliver sales leads

The challenge that Sovereign Oaks was presented with is the same challenge that most developers come across when they are trying to generate sales. They needed leads. In fact, they needed enough leads to sell at least $6MM in real estate in 2016. With our years of experience and proven track record, HA Digital Marketing was tapped to build upon what we established in 2015 with a new website and online presence.

The inbound marketing solution

We rolled out a comprehensive inbound marking plan for 2016 and hit the ground running. We started by defining our audience and generating traffic. It couldn’t be just any traffic though. It had to be qualified by factors like geography, income, net worth, etc. We relied upon multiple channels including paid, social, organic, and email. When these channels started delivering, we incorporated our sure-fire conversion tactics and the leads started rolling in. When we coordinated our efforts with local sales event efforts the results were unsurpassed. In fact, no other community in the Asheville, NC market sold like Sovereign Oaks in 2016.

The results that we generated speak for themselves:

  • 1,304 Qualified Sales Leads in 2016
  • 41 Individual Unit Sales
  • 8.5MM in 2016 Sales Revenue
  • $36 cost-per-lead
  • $1,111 cost-per-sale

Learn more about our tactics, formulas, and how we helped Sovereign Oaks exceed their sales goal by downloading the full case study.

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