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How Customized HubSpot Training Helped One Construction Company Streamline Sales Process for Strategic Growth


Optimizing a sales process to shorten the sales cycle and increase your success rate isn’t easy. Your sales team is already busy enough, and when they’re spread across multiple regions, it’s tough to pull everyone in to realign how you do business. Partnering with a team of sales enablement experts is one way growing businesses can make the space to get their sales processes back on track. Combine that with a quality digital marketing plan that minimizes the work your sales team has to do to actually get leads, and you’re off to the races for company growth.

This case study examines how Evenbound helped a professional construction supplier develop a digital marketing strategy that drew in qualified leads from a variety of markets, and use HubSpot to implement a customized sales pipeline that converted more of those leads, more efficiently.

Over the course of our engagement, our client saw:

Salespeople Onboarded to HubSpot


Increase in New Users

Deals Closed in the Last Quarter


Zeeland Lumber & Supply is an independently operated lumber and building materials supplier manufacturing building components and supplying clients across the Midwest with everything from lumber and roofing supplies to interior finishes like windows, doors, cabinets, and countertops. With such a diverse product range, Zeeland Lumber & Supply services clients ranging from the average DIY homeowner to remodeling contractors to commercial builders.

When Zeeland Lumber & Supply came to Evenbound, they were looking for a way to grow their company in both of those markets, specifically by developing a digital presence that reflected their real-world authority. They were also looking for solutions that could help them sell better. They knew they needed better sales data, and a concrete sales process, but weren’t sure where to start.

The Challenge

Developing a Digital Presence and Sales Process to Draw in and Close Leads Efficiently

When Evenbound started working with Zeeland Lumber & Supply, they did not have a sales manager. That meant they didn’t have a set process for handling incoming leads, and they had no metrics on their sales data, either. Because of that, each member of their sales team had a different strategy for approaching new leads, and weren’t used to working through a sales management software. At Evenbound, we knew we’d have to work hard to get their team to engage with the new software, and actually use it on a daily basis.

Finally, we needed to bring more qualified leads into the Zeeland Lumber & Supply sales cycle. Their existing website was disorganized and functioned more like a brochure than a conversion tool. We needed to bring it up to speed so it could work to funnel leads into the sales process, so their team had something to close.

The Evenbound Strategy

Developing a Foundation for Growth with Digital Marketing, HubSpot, and Sales Enablement Training

HubSpot Onboarding

Sales Enablement

Conversion Optimization Tools

Inbound Website Design

Email Marketing

Targeted Paid Search Campaign

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, the Evenbound team knew that the HubSpot platform could help Zeeland Lumber & Supply solve both of their primary challenges — a lack of digital leads and conversions, and a complicated sales process. With a HubSpot subscription in hand, Zeeland Lumber & Supply was ready to start sales enablement training with Evenbound and implement the rest of our digital marketing strategy. We recommended and executed the following improvements:

  • Onboarded the local Zeeland Lumber & Supply team to HubSpot with weekly sales enablement meetings for the first two months of partnership.
  • Imported client’s contact list into HubSpot and segmented list according to newly developed buyer personas.
  • Created a custom sales pipeline designed to help Zeeland Lumber & Supply cater to the specific, unique needs of both consumer and professional prospects.
  • Developed email marketing templates and workflows for the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team to use when engaging with and nurturing new leads.
  • Established monthly sales enablement training sessions covering items like lead scoring, CRM customization, goal setting, reporting, and more.
  • Created targeted website content and strategic blog content to draw qualified leads into workflows.
  • Implemented conversion optimization, calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead-nurturing content offers all supported and tracked by the HubSpot software.
  • Developed a strategic outbound marketing plan that included targeted paid search ads and both social media marketing and advertising to efficiently draw in new, qualified traffic.

Following the implementation of our new digital marketing strategy, and HubSpot onboarding and sales enablement sessions, the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team is now regularly using a full suite of HubSpot tools to shorten their sales process and close more deals with both consumer and construction professional prospects.

Evenbound’s Client Success Manager developed a sales process specifically tailored to Zeeland Lumber & Supply that categorizes incoming leads by industry and sales team, helping ensure that the entire team is aware when a new lead comes in, and that the assigned contact owner has the tools and support they need to work their leads through to close.

With our sales enablement training and marketing efforts combined, Zeeland Lumber & Supply now has a solid foundation for overall business growth. Our digital marketing strategy uses keyword-optimized content and paid search campaigns to draw in qualified leads, and their newly enabled sales team now has the tools to efficiently and successfully nurture those new leads into customers.

The Results

An Enabled Sales Team and a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy Working Together to Produce Exceptional Growth

The Evenbound digital marketing strategy, combined with our customized HubSpot sales enablement training has shown positive results for Zeeland Lumber & Supply’s overall business growth. Website analytics and conversion metrics show that our content is working to draw in new traffic, while the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team’s lead nurturing efforts, supported by HubSpot, are driving serious conversions.

In just one year, our digital marketing strategy and HubSpot training produced the following results:


Increase in new website users


Increase in website sessions


Increase in conversions

Salespeople onboarded to HubSpot

Deals closed in the last quarter

Implementing HubSpot delivered significant results for the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team. In June of 2018, when we started working with them, they had no online conversions. One year later, in the month of June 2019, the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team has seen 131 conversions from their new website. That’s 131 prospects clicking to call the office, filling out a form, downloading a content offer, or leaving a message for the team about what products they’re interested in.

Best of all, the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team now has the tools and the training to do something with those leads. Our team has onboarded more than 20 of their salespeople, and developed an intuitive sales process that works to ensure that each lead is contacted by the right salesperson.

Every Zeeland Lumber & Supply team member is now tracking their progress in the HubSpot platform, making it easier to optimize and refine their process based on their results. Our monthly sales enablement meetings, which encourage each team member to present individual sales reports to the group, have inspired everyone to keep using HubSpot’s tools. When we first started our training sessions with Zeeland Lumber & Supply, they were closing an average of just 6 deals a month.

In this last quarter alone, their sales team closed 107 deals in the HubSpot platform, an average of 35 deals per month.

What’s Next?

Now in our second phase of partnership with the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team, we’re working to onboard their entire sales team to the customized HubSpot sales pipeline we’ve developed. To continue improving the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team’s capability to delight every client, we’re also training the entire team on the customer service and additional sales tools included with the HubSpot Growth Suite.

These new tools and training sessions, combined with ongoing sales enablement and our digital marketing efforts, will ensure the Evenbound team continues to contribute to overall company growth for Zeeland Lumber & Supply.


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At Evenbound™, we’re all about helping our clients grow. We use inbound and outbound marketing strategies to deliver you the qualified traffic and leads you need for serious growth. And we have a lot of fun doing it. 



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Serious Results. Serious Fun.

At Evenbound, we're all about helping our clients grow. We use inbound and outbound marketing strategies to deliver you the qualified traffic and leads you need for serious growth. And we have a lot of fun doing it. 



41 Washington Ave. #390
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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