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No, that’s not a real word. We help companies
get found online, and we help them grow.

We’re A Full-Service Digital Marketing & Growth Agency

We use a variety of proven digital marketing tactics — content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, paid search advertising, and more — to deliver our clients the qualified traffic and leads they need for serious growth.

Inbound + Outbound = Results

We’re not about choosing sides. We know that all types of marketing strategies deliver results, and we’re pretty serious about delivering results. So, we use the tactics we know will help our clients reach their goals, whether they’re inbound or outbound.

Serious Results. Serious Fun.

We’re serious about our clients. Our top priority is to always help our clients grow by delivering the leads you want. Our other top priority is to have fun.

Our office is located a minute from the Grand Haven beach, and we even have a coffee shop and a brewery located below us. You better believe we hang at all three. We know we work best when we’re having fun, and we’ve found our clients seem to dig that too.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our goal? Get it done. Have fun. We’re a team of people, working with your team of people. No robots, no outsourcing, just real people. Check out who does what:


John Heritage


“The Dude”


Ben Johnson

Director of Client Services

Excel Wizard and Jeep Jedi


Mackenzie Deater

Director of Content Strategy

Chief Word Wrangler and Donut Connoisseur


Laura Olmsted

Graphic Designer

Design Maven and Vinyl Enthusiast


Brooke Geis

Director of HubSpot Services

Chief Enthusiast and Forever Foodie


Kolby Kloosterman

Marketing Manager

Master of Millennial Culture and Dog Aficionado


Kyra O'Dell

Marketing Specialist

Creative Sherpa and #PlantLife Optimist


Spencer Thomas

Director of Paid Media

Data Detective and Excitement Expert


Tonia Butterworth

Director of Operations

Operational Servant and Biohacking Enthusiast


Nate Silvey

Marketing Manager

Results Wrangler and Burrito Connoisseur


Hunter Burin

Marketing Coordinator, HubSpot Certified Trainer

Website Warrior and Cocktail Creator


Stephany Reed

Project Manager

Crisis Averter, Mayhem Manager, & Process Perfectionist


Allison Johnson

Marketing Manager

Go-getter and Literature Lover


Kelsie Boss

Marketing Coordinator

Professional Beach Goer and Creative Conoussier


Nick Schanhals

Marketing Coordinator

Big Book Guy and Jack of all Trades


Jeralin Hamann

Marketing Coordinator


Kendall Lemmen

Content Strategist

Join Our Evenbound Team

We’re always looking for the right people to build our team here in Grand Haven, MI. At Evenbound, you’ll find that we work hard, but we also have a lot of fun. We offer flexible hours and a positive environment. Our only rule? No egos and no eggheads. Just good people doing great work.

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Serious Results. Serious Fun.

At Evenbound, we're all about helping our clients grow. We use inbound and outbound marketing strategies to deliver you the qualified traffic and leads you need for serious growth. And we have a lot of fun doing it.


(616) 215-0626
41 Washington Ave. #390
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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