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Evenbound Helps Cleanroom Manufacturer Expand Digital Reach & Convert More Qualified Leads with HubSpot

Marketing for B2B companies, especially manufacturers, has always been tough. In the days of push marketing and sales, most manufacturers eliminated marketing efforts and placed a greater focus on sending sales teams out to find and convert potential clients. Given today’s consumer habits, that strategy no longer works. In an era where everyone is using inbound marketing, how can B2B manufacturers phase marketing back in, and retrain their sales team to nurture leads, rather than push solutions?

This case study outlines how one cleanroom manufacturer implemented digital marketing strategies to expand their reach and draw in qualified leads for company growth. Over the course of 12 months, our client saw:


Percentage Increase
in New Users


Percentage Increase in Conversions


New Conversions


Angstrom Technology is a leading expert in cleanroom design, construction, and service. A Michigan manufacturer, Angstrom custom develops cleanrooms for a variety of clients, from those in the agricultural industry to automotive, medical research, pharmaceutical, environmental testing, and more. Their ability to serve clients in all industries is what set Angstrom apart from their competition, but it’s also part of their marketing challenge.

Evenbound had been working with Angstrom to bolster their content marketing strategy when in 2018, the Angstrom team decided they’d like to jump headfirst into a complete digital marketing revamp that included their team’s onboarding to the HubSpot platform. Their goals? To increase qualified leads and contacts, and to extend their reach into industries they had not yet touched.

Evenbound’s experience as a HubSpot Partner Agency and HubSpot Certified Trainer, plus our expertise in developing comprehensive digital marketing plans for Michigan manufacturers set us up perfectly to help Angstrom reach their business growth goals.

The Challenge

Bringing a Digital Marketing Strategy Onto HubSpot

Our existing digital marketing relationship with Angstrom Technology ensured that we weren’t starting from scratch. Their website had been redesigned in 2016, so they were working with a functional design that supported a blog, contact forms, and landing pages. We just needed to make it more successful with a full-scale digital marketing plan that also brought their marketing and sales efforts fully onto the HubSpot platform.

With a goal of extending Angstrom Technology’s reach to new industries, our greatest challenge was developing buyer personas that addressed each of those vastly different industries, and content marketing, paid search advertising, and email marketing strategies that would support each of those personas. And we had to integrate all of those new strategies into the HubSpot platform.

The Evenbound Strategy

Extending Digital Reach for Increased Leads and Conversions

Angstrom didn’t have a marketing strategy. They’d tried different advertising tactics and would occasionally publish content, but this would be their first foray into inbound marketing. The Evenbound team knew we could implement a multi-faceted inbound marketing strategy that would tackle every stage of the flywheel.

What made our approach most effective was that we set specific traffic, lead, and new customer goals before we began implementing strategy. We knew that by setting goals upfront, we could move forward with a targeted, specific strategy that would deliver the results Binsfeld Engineering was looking for.

  • HubSpot Onboarding
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization Tools
  • Buyer Personas
  • Lead Capture
  • Integrated Paid Search Campaigns

The first thing the Evenbound team did was to integrate Angstrom Technology’s website with HubSpot. This allowed us to take a hard look at the landing pages, CTAs, content and email marketing strategies we had been using, and identify opportunities for improvement, given Angstrom Technology’s new set of goals.

Following our review, we implemented the following digital marketing tactics:

  • Identified buyer personas for each target industry.
  • Onboarded the Angstrom Technology team to the HubSpot platform.
  • Redesigned the Angstrom Technology website to incorporate the best of HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools.
  • Created new content offers designed to pull qualified leads into workflows.
  • Developed comprehensive service pages for each new target industry.
  • Implemented additional HubSpot-supported conversion optimization tools, calls-to-action, and landing pages.
  • Developed highly-targeted Google Ads and paid search campaigns.
  • Ensured quality on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization.
  • Revamped content creation strategy to address each new target industry. Applied strategy to blog, social media, newsletters, and email marketing efforts.
  • Established monthly check & connect meetings for regular reporting and HubSpot training on new tools and features.

Following their HubSpot onboarding session and digital marketing strategy revamp, Angstrom Technology is now able to use HubSpot’s full suite of marketing tools to nurture leads and shorten the sales cycle. We are in the process of providing in-depth, individual training sessions with each member of Angstrom’s sales team to ensure that the entire team feels empowered to use the HubSpot Sales platform in a way that best supports their unique sales style.

Evenbound also regularly develops new site content, content offers, and blog posts that continue to help Angstrom Technology rank for keywords in those new target industries, which has helped boost both qualified leads and conversions. The Angstrom sales and marketing team is able to continue nurturing those warm leads using the HubSpot platform and Evenbound-developed email workflows and content offers. This holistic digital marketing approach has proven successful as our partnership with Angstrom Technology continues.

The Results

A Digital Marketing Strategy Steered By Data-Based Decisions

The Evenbound digital marketing strategy has helped Angstrom Technology reach their original goals of drawing in more qualified leads from a variety of new industries. Reporting and analytics from the HubSpot platform allow us to make recommendations and changes to the Angstrom digital marketing strategy that are based on accurate, real-time data.

The year following our efforts to revamp the Angstrom Technology digital marketing strategy, and six months after their onboarding to the HubSpot platform, we’ve delivered the following results.

  • 75% – Increase in new users
  • 81% – Increase in sessions
  • 355% – Increase in conversions
  • 151% – Increase in conversion rate
  • 337 – New conversions

This strategy hasn’t just nearly doubled the traffic that Angstrom Technology is seeing, it’s also increased their conversion rate by 151%. In the past year alone, Angstrom has seen 337 new conversions. That’s 337 new qualified leads, who are interested in designing or developing a custom cleanroom with the Angstrom team.

Each aspect of Angstrom Technology’s digital marketing plan is working together to broaden their reach to new markets, draw those visitors into their site, and keep them interested in Angstrom Technology’s services with attractive content offers, intuitive email marketing, and paid search ads that keep their products top-of-mind.

What’s Next?

Providing tools and training to convert leads into customers.

We’ve worked with Angstrom Technology since 2016, and we’re excited to continue our partnership as their company grows and succeeds. The Evenbound team is now working to further support Angstrom Technology’s mastery of the HubSpot software. As they become more familiar with HubSpot’s tools, we’re helping them align sales and marketing efforts to continue shortening their sales cycle, while increasing their success rate. We’re excited to continue providing value for the Angstrom Technology team in the form of better, more qualified leads, and the tools and training they need to convert them to customers.

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