5 Sales Email Templates Guaranteed to Get a Response

Mackenzie | September 07, 2021 | Sales Enablement

The perfect sales email is tough to achieve.

Your prospects receive dozens of emails a day, all trying to sell them something. Unfortunately, even when you're working with a prospect to solve a business need, you're still competing for their attention amidst a sea of "Exclusive One-Time Sale" and "50% Off Today Only!" emails. 

So, how do you break out of the noise and speak to your prospects in a way that catches their attention and drives engagement?

Personalized, thoughtful, and specific emails. 

The great news for you is if you're already using inbound marketing, you've got a competitive edge. Your contacts are people who have a legitimate interest in your company's product or service. Now you just need to reel them in. 

And that can be done with well-written emails that deliver the right content to the right person in that ideal company, at exactly the right time. If you're trying to get a handle on your sales emails and craft content that's sure to engage a new prospect and nurture them through to a conversion, we've got what you're looking for. 

Here are 5 sales email templates that drive engagement, no matter where your prospect is in the buyer's journey: 

*Note: It's important to remember that these sales email templates are just templates. Like I said before, the best emails — the ones that will drive great engagement — are personalized. Use these templates as a starting point, and personalize according to your prospect's unique needs. 

1. The Cold Prospecting Email

This is a great sales email template when you're reaching out to a cold prospect for the first time. As long as you're emailing a contact that is a good fit for your company's product or service, this email can generate quality engagement. By speaking to the prospect's unique industry challenges, you're showing that you understand and have experience solving their specific pain points.  

[Contact: First Name], 

In working with other [contact's industry or position], one of the key issues we find they struggle with most is [key issue].

This past year, we helped numerous companies to [business driver], resulting in [money saved, increased productivity, added revenue]. 

If this is something you're challenged with too, let's set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might help. 

All the best, 

[Your Name]

2. Inbound Lead

Use this sales email template on inbound leads you know are a great fit for your company. These leads have visited your site, clicked around for a while, and maybe even downloaded a content offer or two. Use the information you have from that prospect's history on your site to tailor your email to their interests. 

Hi [Contact: First Name],

I noticed you recently visited our [Title of Web Page or Post]. I thought I'd check in to see if you found what you were looking for? If you found that page useful, you might also like: 

    • Link to Resource #1
    • Link to Resource #2

If you're looking for more information on [topic they were researching] I'd be happy to share some personalized tips with you. Would you have time to chat tomorrow at [two times you're available]?

I'm looking forward to connecting, 

[Your Name]

*Pro Tip: If you have a HubSpot account, you can use the Meeting Link tool to let the prospect schedule time on your calendar whenever is convenient for them. This eliminates any friction-causing back-and-forth when it comes to scheduling a time to connect.


3. More Informational Email

This is a great email to send after someone downloads a content offer, or after you send over a piece of content that you know has a great success rate. This is an email that pulls people through the buyer's journey. If you sent them an entry-level piece of content at first, send them something that's a little further into the consideration phase now. 

Hey [Contact: First Name],

What did you think of [content piece you sent over]? I know there's a lot of information to digest there, so please let me know if you run into any questions. I'm here to help!

If you wanted to know a bit more about [that topic] I think you'd find these resources helpful. 

    • Link to Resource #1
    • Link to Resource #2

I'd also be happy to run through [content piece you sent over] with you. When is a good time to connect?

[Schedule Time on My Calendar]

I'm looking forward to chatting with you!

[Your Name]

4. Quick Follow-Up Email

Thought that lead was qualified, but haven't heard back? This quick follow-up email will remind them you're still there to help and can jumpstart communication between your team and theirs. 

[Contact: First Name], 

I'm just following up on my last email. I didn't hear back from you on [whatever you sent over]. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks. 

If this information isn't relevant to you, who is the appropriate person for me to talk to?

Thanks for your help, 

[Your Name]

5. Break-Up Email

If you haven't heard back from a prospect after a few follow-up attempts, it's time to hit 'em with the break-up email. This one is so important I wrote a whole separate blog about break-up emails. This particular version is a great example of a break-up sales email that's not overly guilt-tripping, but hits them in the feels with clearly this "isn't a priority". If it is a priority for them, they'll reach right back out.

Hey [Contact: First Name],

I get it. Working with a [your type of company] isn't a priority right now. It seems like you don't have plans to [service contact was interested in]. Is that true?

I won't reach out again, but please feel free to get in touch if you need help with [services you provide].

All the best!

[Your Name]

And there you have it — 5 sales email templates to hit prospects wherever they are in your sales cycle. Again, before you send out any sales email template, be sure you're personalizing as much as possible. Remember that the only thing that sets your emails apart from all the other spam in your prospect's inbox is relevance. The more relevant, specific, and helpful a prospect finds your email, the more likely they are to respond.

Let's Talk Growth!

If you're sick of writing sales emails that don't connect, give the Evenbound team a call. We'd be happy to help answer any sales enablement questions you might have, and provide some suggestions to help you close more of the deals you want, in less time. Get in touch.

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