Brutally Honest Website Checklist

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Does your website suck?

This website checklist is a fun but honest tool that’ll give you an answer to that question in less than 5 minutes. Your time is money, and your website should be too. Figure out how bad your website really is, and how you can improve. Categories include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Design and User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Functionality

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In just 5 minutes you’ll see exactly where your website is delivering, and where it might be falling short.

What will this checklist cover?


Where you're at

See what features your website has, and which features might be lacking. We’re not pulling any punches, we’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong. 


Where you should be

This checklist is a helpful evaluation tool for improvement. We’ll also show you what you need for better results and better performance.


How to get there

We’re not here to just badmouth your website. We’re going to give you tips to move forward, because we don’t want your site to suck, either. 
Does your website work for you?

At Evenbound, every website we build is designed to support a comprehensive marketing and growth strategy. If you’re ready for a website that works, let’s talk!