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by | Oct 2, 2019 | Evenbound

HA Digital Marketing → Evenbound

HA Digital Marketing is now Evenbound. And that change goes way beyond our new website and name. Here’s why we’re making the switch, and what it means for you.

Earlier this year, our team sat down to take a good look at where we were, and where we wanted to be. We looked hard at our mission, our purpose, and our vision for our company, and we realized that we’d started to outgrow the HA Digital Marketing name. Some amazing insights came from our sessions last fall, and one of our favorites is our team’s purpose, “to create joyful clients.”

With that new purpose at the heart of this rebrand, we settled on the name Evenbound. Equal parts inbound marketing and outbound marketing working together to deliver the most meaningful results for our clients.

Inbound + Outbound = Evenbound

Whatever goals you’re working towards, we’re here to support them. Our purpose is to create joyful clients, and we do that by delivering the marketing and sales support that best helps you reach those growth goals.

What about your team and your services? Are those changing?

As we move deeper into our rebrand, you can still expect to hear directly from your favorite people here at Evenbound. You’ll probably even start hearing from some new team members. As you might know, we recently moved into an expanded, renovated office space. That move gave us plenty of room to keep on growing our workforce, so we can offer more clients the very best service.

Speaking of services…

You can also expect the same great service offerings you’ve come to know and love. The only difference is that you’re going to start seeing some new services, and improvements to our service delivery. With new space and new staff, we’ll be able to expand the types of services we offer while keeping up the great quality and results you expect from the Evenbound team.

How are you going to support all those new websites?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with WP Engine to provide website hosting services to all of our clients. This recently improved WP Engine hosting platform is built on new Google C2 servers which is 40% faster than any other WordPress hosting option on the market today. It gives us the ability to develop better, more creative, and faster-performing websites for our clients.

This is just one investment that we’re making that aligns with our purpose to create joyful clients. We know that when your site looks better and performs better than the competition, you’re going to get the leads. This switch to WP Engine will make that happen.

Are you going to host any more events?

We’re so glad you asked. We’re proud to say that our company has grown more than 60% year over year for the past few years. And we did it using our own marketing strategies. Since we know how to make growth happen, and we’ve done it, both for our clients and for ourselves, we think it’s time to take that info on the road.

As we continue on the expansion path of this rebrand, we’re planning to roll out fun educational opportunities that will help support our business community. These events will give us the chance to share what’s worked for us in the past, what hasn’t, and ultimately what you can do to see the same kind of growth we have.

Anything else we should look out for?

Yup. The biggest obstacle we see in this new rebrand is simply awareness. To combat that, and to make sure we’re repositioning ourselves where we’d like to be in the market, we’re planning to blanket the West Michigan market with awareness. 

You’re going to start seeing our faces everywhere. When you do, we’d appreciate your support spreading our message with a quick comment, review, or share. Let’s start conversations that help people.

That’s it for now, but there is certainly more to come as we move forward with this rebrand, and as we continue to grow. Be sure to keep an eye out for additional updates from us! And, before you go, we’d like to say thank you.

Thank You!

This rebrand wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing clients and partners. We’re expanding our capabilities and services so we can help you reach your goals faster, but we wouldn’t be able to do that without your continued confidence in our team. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust.

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