5 Benefits of Implementing RevOps

Mackenzie | November 15, 2022 | RevOps

So you've heard about the newest marketing/business development term on the block: RevOps.


If you've read some of our other blogs, you might know a little bit about what RevOps is and how it's different from SalesOps

But, if you're considering implementing RevOps, you probably want to know what it's actually going to do for you. 

Is this a business shift that actually delivers positive results, or is it just another business buzzword that doesn't change much? 

Let's find out. 

Here are 5 actual benefits that come when your team implements RevOps. 

  1. One Clear Vision Aligning All Teams
  2. Accurate, Data-Driven Decision-Making
  3. Smoother Sales Process & Faster Cycle Times
  4. Efficient Use of Technology & Tools
  5. A Better Experience — for Customers & Team Members

01. One Clear Vision Aligning All Teams

At its core, RevOps is designed to align your team with one clear vision. Your team decides what that vision is, whether it's a revenue goal, a number of new clients in a certain time period, or an up-market shift where you're selling and retaining more high-value clients. 

Whatever it is, it is a single, clear vision that aligns all teams on a few specific shared goals and objectives. 

This gives your team clear priorities and forces them to work together to develop the solutions that propel you toward that vision. 

When your entire team, from marketing to sales, operations, and customer service, shares the same goals, there's no question about what they should focus on. They are responsible for maintaining their team's end of the bargain vs. reporting on completely different team-specific metrics.

The benefit of one clear vision is a hundredfold. But to sum it up, instead of focusing on department-centric goals that don't add up to the company's bottom line, they're all rowing in the same direction — success. 

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02. Accurate, Data-Driven Decisions

Ever heard that saying, "what gets measured gets managed"?

It's true. But if you have bad measurements, you get bad management. RevOps fixes messy data in two ways, helping you get the accurate info you need to make data-based decisions. 

  1. It gets your team on the same page, so you're all looking at the available data in the same way. 
  2. It helps you identify what data should be managed, which in turn helps you get rid of cluttered, dirty data.

With clean data and a shared vantage point of how to analyze that data, your team can really start to make meaningful changes with data-based decisions you can trust. 

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03. Smoother Sales Process & Faster Cycle Times

With the implementation of RevOps, you've shifted your marketing and sales teams' mindset from competing teams, to integral parts of the same team. What does that mean? 

Yes, true ^

It means that instead of harping on things that sales or marketing isn't doing right, they can put their time and effort into solving sticky points of your sales process, together.

As they resolve conflicts and discover better ways to serve your ideal prospects, you'll see an increase in your sales cycle time.

RevOps gets your company's flywheel spinning remarkably quickly. And the faster your teams remove barriers in the sales process, the more sales you'll close, and the faster you'll close them. That's an ROI win you just can't beat. 

04. Efficient Use of Technology & Tools

RevOps is built on the premise of doing more with what you already have.

That's one of the things that makes it such an effective business practice — you don't need to spend more money to implement RevOps.

Chances are your team is paying for tools and technology that they're not using effectively. RevOps teaches them to maximize the use of those tools, before they consider purchasing another one.


What's more, once your team implements RevOps, you'll find that the technology you're already using is starting to capture information more accurately. As your teams begin to use those tools and tech in the same way, you get cleaner, more trustworthy data.

That translates to more effective tools and automation. When your data is clean, automation can take over simple repetitive tasks, and free your teams up to do what they do best. 

05. A Better Experience — For Customers and Team Members

The ultimate benefit of RevOps is a better experience for everyone involved. 

Revenue operations is focused on streamlining your company around one goal (ahem, revenue). 

This makes the work your team does exceptionally clear. It's clear where they're headed, and it's probably already clear to them what's standing in their way. Now, they have the opportunity to solve those obstacles together. 

Not only does that create the perfect environment for growth, but it also creates a healthy, collaborative, and stable environment that fosters a functional team.

So your team's happy, but what about your customers?

With your team working together to remove obstacles from the marketing, sales, service, and operations processes, your customers are going to be pretty happy too. When RevOps is implemented the right way, your team is focused on implementing change that ultimately delivers better, faster, and more efficient service to your customers.

It's truly a win-win.

See the Benefits of RevOps, but Not Sure Where to Start?

The idea of RevOps is exciting to most companies. It's the thought of implementation that can give you pause.

Yes, RevOps is a full-system overhaul. But, like most good change, it starts with simple steps. If you're having a hard time wrapping your head around which simple step is best to take first, the Eveenbound team is here to help. All of our team members are RevOps certified through HubSpot, which means we can meet you wherever you're at in your RevOps journey.

If you're ready to chat, just schedule time with Rob below!

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