What Is a HubSpot Audit?

Kendall | February 08, 2022 | Hubspot

HubSpot is a powerful software platform designed to help your company market and sell more efficiently. It seamlessly integrates a variety of sales, marketing, service, and customer relationship management tools all into one spot. 

Sounds pretty nice, right? We agree. In fact, we’ve helped a bunch of our own clients maximize their marketing efforts and grow their businesses with HubSpot. We’ve also seen explosive results by making the switch ourselves (check out our latest case study about it, if you haven’t already!). 

It worked for them, it worked for us, and it can work for you too — but there’s a catch: HubSpot will only help you market and sell better if you utilize it correctly. If you’re not aware of the various features and tools HubSpot offers, or if you’re just not using them effectively, it can drastically affect your performance. 

And, thus, you’re left with the classic conundrum: how do you know what you don’t know? When you’re working with such an expansive platform full of endless tools and abilities, it can be difficult to understand whether you’re checking all the boxes or not. The only foolproof way to find out is by running a HubSpot audit. 

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What Is a HubSpot Audit? 

A HubSpot audit is an in-depth review of every tool within your HubSpot account to identify key efficiencies and areas for improvement. This is done in an effort to organize and streamline your processes, so that you can refine overall performance within your sales, marketing, and service teams. 

Who Needs a HubSpot Audit, and Why?

In regards to who needs a HubSpot audit, the answer’s pretty short and sweet: everyone who uses HubSpot. 

Yes, everyone. No matter what your stack of hubs and tools looks like, if you’re using HubSpot, you could benefit from an audit. But I’ll also qualify that statement by saying there are a couple of situations where completing a HubSpot audit could be more critical than others. For instance, if your company is experiencing any of the following, you’ll probably want to move an audit near the top of your to-do list: 

  • You’re new to HubSpot
  • You’re missing sales and marketing opportunities left and right
  • You have a widespread issue with organizing files, documents, systems, etc.
  • You’ve introduced some new members to your sales, marketing, and/or services teams
  • You’re swamped with technical issues that you just can’t seem to figure out how to fix

And now to the why? Well, in the most basic terms, a messy HubSpot account makes for a messy sales, marketing, and/or service process. Issues like unreliable data, difficulty locating files, and duplicating information can happen at any point in your HubSpot journey if you don’t have a solid process to follow. And they result in a huge waste of time and resources — not to mention, lost leads. 

That’s why HubSpot audits are so important. Audits lay everything out in front of you so you know what you’re doing well, what you could improve upon (and how), and what resources you don’t currently have but could benefit from in the future.

What Exactly Does a HubSpot Audit Include? 

I’m glad you asked! During a HubSpot audit, you’ll want to ensure that you review and analyze every tool that’s offered in your account, which could vary depending on the HubSpot package you have. 

HubSpot offers a number of plans that include different features within each of the CRM, sales, marketing, and services tools. For the purpose of covering them all, I’ll provide a list of all the tools, as well as the common resources that are audited within them — just remember, some of them may not be included in some packages. 

  • CRM: lists, workflows, sequences, forms, landing pages, files, templates
  • Sales Hub: custom objects, templates, sequences, tasks, emails, snippets, files
  • Marketing Hub: campaigns, forms, CTAs, emails, buyer personas, blogs
  • Service Hub: conversations, tickets, knowledge base, automation, feedback surveys

How Long Does a HubSpot Audit Take to Complete? 

Every business is different, and every HubSpot account is different — and, therefore, every HubSpot audit is different as well. While you can expect a broad timeline of a few weeks to a few months, it mostly depends on these factors: 

  • Size of your company
  • Your sales, marketing, and service goals
  • Your current stack of HubSpot tools
  • The length of time you’ve been using HubSpot
  • How much content is currently in your HubSpot account
  • Your team’s availability to either complete the HubSpot audit or communicate with the contracted resource that’s doing it for you

Something that’s important to understand about HubSpot audits is that they take time. They may seem like quick reviews, but they’re actually quite in-depth. However, the time spent doing them is well worth it, as they result in an insight-filled document that highlights how to clean up your account, streamline your processes, deliver more leads, and use HubSpot to the best of your ability. 


How to Make the Most of Your HubSpot Audit: Work With a HubSpot Solutions Partner

If you’re going to spend time doing a HubSpot audit, it’s important that you do it right and get as many insights as you can!

The best way to do that? Work with a HubSpot Solutions Partner

A HubSpot Solutions Partner is an agency or service provider that has proven experience in various parts of the HubSpot ecosystem. They must pass a training and certification course, then meet certain tier requirements in order to be recognized by HubSpot. 

That said, it’s pretty easy to see why working them would be a good idea: they’re experts. They work within different HubSpot accounts every day, so they know how to leverage the platform most efficiently and effectively — and they can help you improve the overall performance of your own. 

HubSpot Audits With Solutions Partners — The Process

Here’s a little insight on what the process of hiring a HubSpot Solutions Partner to do your HubSpot audit would look like (or, at least, what it looks like working with us here at Evenbound). 

First, you’ll meet with your Solutions Partner to introduce your company, provide a brief overview of your products/services, then discuss your goals — in terms of sales, marketing, services, etc. Then, you’ll hand over access to your HubSpot account and let the experts get to auditing for you! They’ll do the following things:

  • They’ll determine which tools are being utilized, and which aren’t. 
  • For the tools that are utilized, they’ll see if they’re being used with HubSpot best practices in mind.
  • For the tools that aren’t utilized, they’ll help you understand if you could benefit from them and how to implement them into your process. 
  • They’ll discover quick-win opportunities to consolidate information or use tools more efficiently. 
  • They’ll identify any opportunities for growth by possibly upgrading one of your hubs. 

Once they’ve completed the audit, they’ll meet with you to discuss their findings. They’ll keep your goals in mind and provide recommendations and strategies for how you can better utilize the software in the future. And they’ll extend a hand to help answer any questions along the way! 


Looking for a Solutions Partner to Complete Your HubSpot Audit? Talk to Evenbound!

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or you’re a long-time user, HubSpot audits can be a pretty big task to tackle on your own. If you’re looking for help from a HubSpot Solutions Partner, let's talk! We’re a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner with multiple HubSpot Certified Trainers and 320+ HubSpot certifications — and we’re excited to see how we can help you use the platform to grow better. 

Fill out our contact form or schedule a meeting with us to get started.

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