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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing that relies on pulling new clients in, rather than pushing your products and services at them.

The inbound marketing methodology states that you can grow your business better, and faster, by informing, educating, and delighting prospects with informational content and helpful service. Quality content attracts people to your website, and personalized service keeps them coming back to learn more until they’re ready to purchase from you.

Inbound marketing is a big concept, with many facets and tactics that make it useful and relevant to companies in the digital era. But, it’s also a big shift from what most companies are used to, which makes it difficult for many businesses to implement on their own.

That’s where inbound marketing agencies come in.

Inbound marketing brings consumers in with the great information they want, then nurtures them to close with exceptional service and personalized experiences.
Inbound Marketing

What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

An inbound marketing agency is a firm whose particular expertise lies in implementing inbound marketing tactics for themselves and for their clients. They place a priority on smart, measurable growth for their clients and they partner with clients to develop a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that both teams can use to draw in leads and convert better customers.

If you offer the best content, the most information, and have quality, positive interactions, you’re the company most likely to come out on top.

Inbound Marketing

Stages of Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing flywheel is the newest way of conceptualizing how inbound marketing works as a methodology. It puts the customer front and center and helps you maintain momentum rather than thinking of each customer having a specific start and endpoint with your company. The inbound flywheel highlights three specific stages, with inbound marketing tactics to support each stage:



You want qualified leads, right? This is how you get them. Your goal in the attract stage is to draw more visitors to your site, introduce them to the product or service you offer, and answer any questions they may have about it.



You’ve attracted visitors in. Now you’ve got to talk to them. The engage stage is all about connecting with visitors in a specific, personalized way that offers them the best experience possible.



Closed the deal? Great! Turn your customers into promoters. They love your products and your company — encourage them to share their great experience with others.

Inbound Marketing

How Evenbound Fits into the Inbound Marketing Methodology

Evenbound uses the inbound marketing methodology to create growth for our clients, and for ourselves. Every inbound marketing tactic we use is designed to drive qualified traffic, convert qualified leads, and ultimately help you acquire more of the customers who keep your flywheel spinning. Here’s a breakdown of the services we offer and how we’ll tailor each of them to deliver overall growth for your company.

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Inbound Marketing

Website Strategy

Your website is the support system for all key actions in an inbound marketing strategy, which is why it’s so important to have a good one. At Evenbound, we start by rebuilding your website to become a solid foundation for the rest of our growth strategies.
Our websites are:

  • Specifically designed for you
  • Optimized for search on multiple responsive devices
  • User-friendly, easily navigable, and attractive
  • Lead generation machines

Your website is more than just a list of your product and service offerings and your contact information. It’s the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy. It needs to look good, but it also needs to perform.

Inbound Marketing

SEO & Search Engine Positioning

Want to show up on the first page? Welcome to SEO. Search engine positioning refers to where your company shows up when someone searches one of your industry keywords online. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website, blog, and other aspects of your inbound marketing strategy to boost your search engine positioning. 

Our SEO process works in three general steps:


Keyword Report

We develop a keyword report that identifies the best keywords to rank for. We’re looking for high search volume and low competition to boost your site’s visibility quickly.


Keyword Implementation

We use those keywords we discovered to develop a targeted content strategy that will draw in the qualified potential leads you’re looking for. 


Search Engine Positioning

With more useful content surrounding key ideas, thoughts, and conversations highly relevant to your industry, your search engine positioning will start to rise.

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Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the bread and butter of most inbound marketing strategies. Though the tactics behind content marketing change as search algorithms improve, the general concept is always much the same: write thorough, helpful content that makes your target buyer’s life easier.

Writing content is difficult. It’s also our job. Evenbound can help you create and execute a content marketing strategy that helps you generate leads.

Like any company change, inbound marketing implementation can take time. It helps to have a partner in the process.
Inbound Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is how your business works to engage with social media users. From sharing your blogs and other relevant industry information to posting news about your team, everything you post and share to your company’s social media accounts is considered social media marketing.

Whether you’re hoping to boost social engagement or increase awareness for your product or brand, we’re here to build a strategy that meets those goals. 

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Inbound Marketing

Landing Pages

A landing page is any page (other than your homepage) where site visitors land when they click to your site from another website, a search engine, or a link.

Our goal is to direct visitors to an optimized landing page that will capture their contact information and provide them with the content they’re looking for.

Here are some best practices we’ll use to optimize landing pages:


Clean Design

Your landing page should be clean. Unnecessary content, images, and navigation can distract your visitor from filling out your form and converting.


Clear CTAs

Call-to-actions should be clear, easy to find, and specific. Your prospect should be able to tell at a glance what they need to do to get the content they want.


Short Contact Form

Only ask for necessary information. The more contact fields you require people to fill out, the fewer submissions you’ll get.


Smart Copy

Every landing page needs a little copy, but not much. Include only one relevant keyword, and minimize copy to just one or two sentences.

Inbound Marketing

Content Offers

A content offer is any piece of content that you offer a site visitor or potential lead. This content could be a white paper, a downloadable ebook, or even just a simple checklist. No matter what form it takes, any content offer should be helpful and specific to one of your buyer persona’s pain points. As you offer relevant, helpful content, you’re able to convert those visitors into leads, and eventually into customers.

At Evenbound we develop and design content offers that your potential clients care about. We take the very best that your company has to offer and package it in a way that’s digestible, engaging, and helpful to your potential leads. Content offers like that deliver leads.

Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is one of the few opportunities you have to speak to clients who already know you. That makes it incredibly valuable.

We help you deliver the right information to the right leads, at the right time, by segmenting your email list according to your buyer personas, and by developing email strategies that meet your goals. Whether you’re hoping to raise awareness, engage prospects that dropped out of the sales cycle, or to nurture new leads — we’ll segment your list accordingly. 

Inbound Marketing

HubSpot: A Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Tool

HubSpot is a company that markets and develops software designed to help businesses grow. HubSpot, the company, is a pioneer in inbound methodology. Their CRM (Customer Relationship Management software platform), sales, marketing, and service tools are optimized and structured specifically to help companies use the inbound marketing methodology to promote overall company growth. Here’s how HubSpot can help improve your inbound marketing strategy:


HubSpot Marketing

Get all your marketing efforts on one platform. Track the data, analyze the results, and optimize your inbound marketing strategy for growth.


HubSpot Sales

Sell better. Track new prospects, nurture new leads and close deals with tools like automated email sequences, workflows, and automatic notifications.


HubSpot Service

All the tools your team needs to provide excellent service. The better your service, the more likely customers are to come back for more.

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Evenbound As Your HubSpot Partner

If you were considering subscribing to HubSpot, but are worried about a lengthy adjustment period, that’s what we’re here for. As a HubSpot Gold Agency Certified Partner, we know just about everything there is to know about both the sales and marketing aspects of HubSpot’s CRM.

We’re here to help you do the hard stuff. Our staff is here to train you on all the tools that HubSpot has to offer, so you can use them in a way that best benefits your company.

Inbound Marketing FAQs

How do I know inbound marketing is working for me?

Numbers. We look at how your site is currently performing, where you’re seeing positive results, and where you may have opportunities to improve. We run keyword reports to see the best possible key phrases to rank for, for the lowest price.

Then we implement our strategy based on those numbers. After implementation, we send you monthly reports on how your site and overall inbound marketing strategy is performing. We take those monthly numbers and use them to refine and optimize your strategy for continuous growth.

Will an inbound marketing agency show me immediate results?

That’s a tough one, and the answer is — it depends. We have clients who have seen astronomical results in less than 30 days, but it all depends on the client. Inbound marketing relies on a number of tactics that can take a while to see the benefits from.

Since Google indexes sites randomly, you may not see the SEO boost you want for a few months. That said, there are plenty of tactics — like paid search and social media advertising — that will produce immediate results, especially when paired with an optimized digital platform.

I'm not sure I want to spend money upfront, if I don't know what the results will be.

That’s totally your prerogative. We understand that inbound marketing is new, and it can be a little nebulous. How about this: would you spend $1 to make $100? That’s the kind of ROI we deliver.

I'm a manufacturer. I'm not sure that social media marketing will work for my clients.

Let’s talk! It’s true that you don’t see a lot of B2B manufacturer advertising on sites like Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. If you think about it, the majority of up-and-coming engineers these days are in their 30s to 40s. That demographic has the highest reported usage of Facebook and LinkedIn, both highly reputable social media channels that make ad targeting exceptionally easy.

While a broad net social media ad campaign wouldn’t work for your B2B, we can target ads for you by job title, interests, and even by employer. You’ll only spend money on ads that are going to those plant managers or senior engineer most likely to engage with you in the first place.

Are all of your clients on HubSpot?

Nope! We really only recommend HubSpot to the clients who seem like the best fits. If your company isn’t big enough yet to require a full-suite CRM, we certainly won’t make you sign up. If you are a larger company with separate sales and marketing teams, you may find HubSpot helpful.

What if we already have a website?

That’s awesome! If you already love the website you’ve got, we won’t change it. We may make a few behind-the-scenes changes to make sure you’re ranking for key phrases and ideas that are important in your industry, but if you love your site you certainly don’t have to change it. We’re happy to implement an inbound marketing strategy that uses your existing website.

What if I want to do paid advertising?

Let’s get started! As a growth agency offering a holistic approach to inbound marketing tactics, we understand that not just one tactic will deliver all of the results you’re looking for.

If you want to do PPC and social media ads, we can help you optimize them to reach the greatest number of qualified leads. Check out our Outbound Marketing page for more info on our paid advertising services.

What about website support?

We provide customized reports every month so you can see for yourself how the site is performing and how users are interacting with it. We will host and run regular updates to keep your information safe at all times.

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At Evenbound, we're all about helping our clients grow. We use inbound and outbound marketing strategies to deliver you the qualified traffic and leads you need for serious growth. And we have a lot of fun doing it.


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Serious Results. Serious Fun.

At Evenbound, we're all about helping our clients grow. We use inbound and outbound marketing strategies to deliver you the qualified traffic and leads you need for serious growth. And we have a lot of fun doing it.


41 Washington Ave. #390
Grand Haven, MI 49417

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