Is HubSpot Worth It? Calculating the ROI of HubSpot

Mackenzie | June 14, 2022 | Hubspot

Whether this is your first time hearing about HubSpot (if this is you, check out What is HubSpot?), or you've been reading their blogs and taking their Academy courses for years, if you're considering purchasing HubSpot for your company, you're probably wondering if HubSpot is worth it.

So, is it?

If you spend somewhere between $50-$5,000 a month on their software, tools, and analytics, what do you get? And is what you get actually worth what you're paying?

In this blog, we're going to answer exactly those questions. Let's start with the big one:

Is HubSpot Worth It?

In our professional opinion, yes.

For the clients we work with — mid-tier manufacturers, industrial construction companies, attorneys and law firms, home builders, and more — HubSpot is worth it. All of the clients we've worked with on HubSpot have seen significant results that are putting them closer to their growth goals.

But you don't have to take our word for it — HubSpot has the facts.

Check out this ROI report completed by HubSpot this year. You can head to the report itself for the full details, but I'd like to highlight a few key points:

HubSpot Delivers Significant Yearly Growth and ROI

ROI of HubSpotCRM Platform

After one year on the platform, HubSpot's ROI Report showed that customers:

  • Attracted 181% more visitors to their websites
  • Acquired 159% more inbound leads
  • Closed and won 92% more deals
  • Improved their deal close rate by 42%

That's across industries and markets and just the data for users on HubSpot for one year. Imagine what two or three years could do?

Still not sold on whether HubSpot is worth it?

No worries, we got more stats.

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Greater HubSpot Investments Translate to Greater ROI

Let's say you're not sure what tools to invest in. You like some of the tools from Marketing Hub, and some of the tools from Sales Hub, but you don't know if getting both Hubs is the best plan for you.

Overwhelmingly, HubSpot users who invested in multiple Hubs, say Marketing Hub and CMS Hub, saw significantly greater improvements.

Check out the Web Traffic results for clients with the complete HubSpot Hub Bundle vs. those with just one, two, or three hubs.

Web Traffic Performance by Product HubSpot ROI

The growth is exponential! Users with the full bundle outperform users with just one product by more than 160% after a year!


Inbound Leads for Users with Multiple Hubs

Here, customers with the complete bundle more than double the inbound leads when compared to those with just one, two, or three hubs. 

But what if those aren't great leads? Don't worry, they are.

Inbound Leads by Product HubSpot ROI
Deals Closed-Won By Product HubSpot ROI

Closed-Won Deals for Users with Multiple Hubs

This chart shows that all of those inbound leads weren't just garbage, unqualified leads, either. Customers with the complete bundle saw a 200% increase in closed-won deals after a year, which is nearly triple what those with just Sales Hub saw. 

Companies That Invest in HubSpot See ROI

These stats make it easy to see why HubSpot absolutely is worth it for the companies who do make the move.

Whether you invest in one hub or the complete bundle, customers of every shape, size, and industry saw significant growth after they started using HubSpot and its suite of tools. 

Again, you can see all of these stats in the complete HubSpot ROI Report, but we hope this info serves to show that for companies who do choose to invest in HubSpot, the return on investment is real. 

Is HubSpot Worth it for Everyone?

Of course, no tool is perfect for everyone.

We work with some smaller clients where it just doesn't make financial sense for them to pay those monthly subscription fees. There aren't enough people on their team or they're not interacting with enough clients to make investing in a CRM feasible at this time.

On the other side, we work with a few enterprise clients who would be perfect fits for HubSpot, but who have a culture that's steeped in and reliant on another tool. Here too, HubSpot probably isn't their best first investment when it comes to sales and marketing.

That said, if you're looking to invest in a CRM, if you see the value of aligning sales, marketing, service, and operations to create a true RevOps plan that drives growth, HubSpot is going to be worth it for you. 

Is HubSpot Worth it For My Company?

We're so glad you asked! 

Would you believe that HubSpot actually made an ROI calculator for companies just like you?

You can enter in your company's stats, and HubSpot will deliver a calculation that tells you their projected ROI based on your numbers.

If a quick internet calculator sounds a little too good to be true, don't worry, we can do math.


Calculating the ROI of HubSpot for Your Company

You can easily calculate your expected ROI from HubSpot in just a few simple steps. (We've outlined this part in more detail in our blog Can My Company Afford HubSpot?)

  1. How much do you plan to spend on HubSpot? (See What is the REAL Cost of HubSpot? for more info here)
  2. What is your average customer lifetime value?
  3. Based on that monthly HubSpot spend, and your average customer lifetime value, how many new clients would you have to close in a month to recoup the cost of HubSpot?

If you're a visual learner, or if you like algebra (what?) check out the equation:

(Customer Lifetime Value) X (# of Closed-Won Deals) = (Monthly HubSpot Spend)

Let's say your average customer lifetime value is $10,000. If you spend $5,000 a month on HubSpot services, then you only need to close one new deal every other month to recoup those costs. 

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But What if I Want to Project Actual ROI?

Even better! If you take a closer look, the above equation doesn't really give you ROI. It just tells you how many deals you need to close to effectively pay for HubSpot.

The real truth of ROI comes down to how many deals you close.

Let's say you currently close 2 deals a month now, and you're investing in just Sales Hub Pro. Based on the numbers from HubSpot's ROI report, in 12 months, most Sales Hub Pro users see almost a 100% increase in closed-won deals.

That means you're now closing 4 deals a month (aka DOUBLE the money). Subtract what you paid for HubSpot from that number, and you've got your ROI!


Is HubSpot Worth It? I'm Not Sure How Best to Calculate ROI For My Company

Okay okay, I get that calculating ROI isn't always that simple. Sometimes your business has seasonality. Sometimes your industry takes months or even years to close a deal. If that's something you're dealing with, get in touch with the Evenbound team.

We're happy to do that math for you, and as a bonus, we'll tell you our honest thoughts about how HubSpot could work for your company. 

Let's Talk HubSpot!

We're not in the business of selling tools that nobody uses. We'll talk to your team, understand your goals and your needs, and then make a recommendation based on what you've told us — not based on our bottom line.

For an honest HubSpot recommendation, or for help calculating your company's potential HubSpot ROI, get in touch!

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