What Is a HubSpot Administrator?

Kendall | April 05, 2022 | Hubspot

HubSpot is a robust, powerful software that can revolutionize your company’s sales, marketing, and service efforts — but its powers can only be unlocked if you’ve got someone to unlock them. 

And that person is — drumroll, please — a HubSpot Admin! 

Let’s talk about what a HubSpot Administrator is, what their responsibilities include, and how you can find the right one for your company.

What Is a HubSpot Admin?

A HubSpot admin, or HubSpot Administrator, is someone who manages the ins and outs of your HubSpot account. They have a solid understanding of HubSpot’s functionalities and how to set up your account in a way that takes full advantage of them. 

Automations, integrations, migrations, trainings — it’s all their jam. But it’s important to know that HubSpot Admins aren’t just data loggers. They also understand RevOps, how your HubSpot account is segmented and why, and how sales, marketing, and service can be aligned to streamline processes and achieve growth. 

Bottom line? If you use HubSpot, a HubSpot Admin will help you use the platform in a way that better serves your internal teams, so they can better serve your customers. They’re your trusted guide to company-wide alignment. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a HubSpot Admin

Sounds great! But perhaps you’re looking for a more detailed description of what a HubSpot Admin is responsible for. I’ve got you. 

Generally, these are some of the day-to-day tasks a HubSpot Admin will be able to do for you: 

  • Assist with CRM implementation and onboarding
  • Migrate your data from other CRM platforms like SalesForce or SharpSpring
  • Permission and set up user roles in your HubSpot account
  • Customize views, properties, and workflows in your HubSpot account
  • Implement HubSpot automation to support business processes
  • Integrate other platforms and apps with your HubSpot account
  • Build HubSpot reports to measure various sales, marketing, and service efforts
  • Complete HubSpot portal audits to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Create, manage, and schedule HubSpot training guides
  • Provide HubSpot technical support as needed


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How to Find a Great HubSpot Administrator for Your Company

To find a great HubSpot Admin for your company, you’ll want to find someone who can meet or exceed the responsibilities listed above. Perhaps you already have someone in mind. Perhaps you need to hire one. Either way, vetting their technical HubSpot skills and expertise is critical before asking them to take on the role. 

Aside from technical skills, there are a few other traits you’ll want to consider when finding the right HubSpot Admin for your company. Here are a few examples: 

  • They’re a nerd at heart - There’s not much that gets them more excited than diving into new technologies and data sets. 
  • But they’re also a good communicator - As the person responsible for providing HubSpot tech support and training to the rest of your team, you need them to be a likable, approachable person who can communicate new concepts effectively. 
  • Aaaand a great problem solver - A new platform comes with new challenges, and you need someone who’s willing and able to solve them for you. 
  • They align with your company’s values - You can see them fitting in well with the rest of your team, sharing the same goals, and working cohesively towards them.  

Ideally, your HubSpot Admin is responsible for HubSpot-related tasks, and only HubSpot-related tasks. In order to achieve everything you’d like to within the platform, you need an expert who can dedicate their full attention to it. This helps you make the most of your investment, using HubSpot in a way that truly serves your team and drives business growth.

Benefits of Working with a Contracted HubSpot Admin

But I get it. A lot of small and midsize businesses just don’t have the resources to devote somebody’s entire workload to managing HubSpot. If that sounds like you, you may benefit from working with a contracted resource. 

Your best option here? Find a HubSpot Solutions Partner

A HubSpot Solutions Partner is an agency that already uses HubSpot, is dedicated to the inbound methodology, and is excited to help others find their way through the platform. They apply to be a Partner — and once they’re accepted by HubSpot, they’re given additional sales and marketing training, as well as other tools to better service clients. Basically, they have extended training and an inside scoop on all things happening with HubSpot. 

High-quality HubSpot Solutions Partners (those in the Platinum and above tiers) typically have at least one HubSpot Administrator on their team. So in addition to gaining access to a team of HubSpot experts, you'll also have that much-needed HubSpot Admin on call whenever you need them. 

Some more ways on how a HubSpot Solutions Partner can work for you? Here ya go: 

  • They have all the HubSpot certifications. Sales, marketing, service — you name it, they’ve got it. 
  • They can audit your HubSpot portal and make suggestions for improvement. 
  • They have a well-rounded, strategic understanding of how HubSpot capabilities can work into your marketing and business goals. 
  • They can consult you on HubSpot tips and tricks, best practices, and Hub updates. 

Looking for a HubSpot Admin? Drop Us a Line

If you’re in search of a HubSpot Admin to help bring your account to its full potential, I know just where to find one. At Evenbound, we’re a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, which means we have a group of HubSpot experts who are ready to help you take full advantage of your account and drive business growth. For more information on how we can work together, give us a call at (616) 215-0626 or contact us online

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