5 Top Questions About HubSpot Onboarding — Answered!

Mackenzie | January 25, 2022 | Hubspot

In our last post about HubSpot Services, we talked about HubSpot implementation. That's the process of getting all of your information set up in your HubSpot portal, so your marketing and sales teams can jump right in without missing a beat. But, what if they've never used HubSpot before?

That's where HubSpot onboarding comes in! We've written about what this service looks like before, but getting started on HubSpot is something that many new users want to know more about. 

In this blog, we're answering 5 of our most frequently asked questions about HubSpot onboarding, so you know exactly what you're getting into, and what HubSpot onboarding can do for your team. 

Have a specific question in mind? Use the menu below to jump right to the information you care about most. 

  1. What does the HubSpot onboarding process look like?
  2. What will my team learn from HubSpot onboarding?
  3. How long does HubSpot onboarding take?
  4. How much does Hubspot onboarding cost?
  5. How can I get my team to use HubSpot every day?


01. What does the HubSpot onboarding process look like?

Most HubSpot onboarding services start with a discovery or kickoff session. No matter what a Solutions Partner calls it, that first call is where you get your whole team in one room (or virtual meeting!) to connect with your HubSpot Trainer. 

Discovery, Kickoff, or Alignment Meeting

Whatever it's called, this first session is designed to introduce your team to your new HubSpot platform. Your trainer will walk you through some of the more basic tools, but the meeting will be primarily focused on your team's marketing and sales process.

In this first meeting, your HubSpot Trainer(s) are looking to get a clear picture of how your team works, so they can train you on the HubSpot tools you'll need to use most often. This meeting is one of the most important because it's used to align your HubSpot Trainer with your team's process. From there, they can plan concurrent training meetings that are customized to the way your team works.

Custom Training Sessions Tailored to Your Team

After the first big HubSpot onboarding meeting, your HubSpot Trainer will set up training sessions that are specific to your team's needs. At Evenbound, our HubSpot onboardings usually consist of three separate trainings over the course of three weeks.

Of course, that can vary by provider, and even by who our clients are — some teams want specific, individualized trainings, while others prefer a larger-group setting.

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In the end, the best HubSpot onboarding process is one that's custom-tailored to you. HubSpot onboarding shouldn't be about making your team's process fit the platform, but more about how your team can use the HubSpot tools and features you've purchased to support a faster, more efficient, and more visible marketing and sales process.

Every Solutions Partner does things a little differently, but your team is going to get the best experience from a partner and HubSpot Certified Trainer who first takes the time to learn your process, and then implements onboarding trainings that reflect your team's unique needs.


02. What will my team learn from HubSpot onboarding?

The goal of any quality HubSpot onboarding service is to have your team walk away knowing how to use HubSpot through every step of the marketing and sales journey. From a brand new prospect to a 5-star review, your team should feel confident handling every interaction through the HubSpot platform.

HubSpot onboarding is designed to teach your team:

  • What tools are available in your HubSpot package, and what they do
  • How to use each of those tools in the way that best suits your own marketing and sales process
  • And how your team will use the HubSpot ecosystem on a daily basis. 

Once your kickoff call and three (or more!) trainings are complete, your team should leave the HubSpot onboarding process with a clear understanding of how to use HubSpot to support their daily operations.

It's also good to remember that your HubSpot onboarding doesn't just end when the service is over. We know that doing something in training, and then walking through that same process on your own are two very different things. That's why quality HubSpot Solutions Partners are happy to provide refresher training and consulting services and are also there to just answer any quick questions your team might have. 


03. How long does HubSpot onboarding take?

In general, you can expect HubSpot onboarding to take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

That amount of time will fluctuate based on:

  • The number of team members you have 
  • The availability of your team
  • Your HubSpot subscription level (HubSpot Starter can be a little easier to onboard, while HubSpot Enterprise is a bit more complex)
  • And how many team trainings you want

As we mentioned earlier, the Evenbound standard for HubSpot onboarding is one kickoff or discovery call to get everyone aligned, and then three separate trainings spread out over the course of three weeks.

If everything goes to plan, and everyone is available to meet on all of those training times, you can potentially speed through onboarding in 4 weeks, but it's okay (and actually pretty normal!) for onboarding to take a bit longer than that.

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04. How much does HubSpot onboarding cost?

So we've arrived at the big kicker — how much does HubSpot onboarding cost? And if you're like most, you want to know an exact number. Big surprise here, I don't have one.

HubSpot onboarding can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, on average. That number can also range lower or higher. Why such a big range?

Well, your HubSpot onboarding cost is dependent on a lot of factors:

  • What HubSpot tier you've purchased: Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • How many HubSpot Hubs you're onboarding: Sales, Marketing, Service, CMS, or maybe all
  • How many team members you have that need to be trained
  • How many onboarding trainings you need
  • And, how much time it's going to take your HubSpot Trainer to prepare your trainings

All of those factors can adjust the cost of your HubSpot onboarding up or down, which is why it's always best to talk to a HubSpot Solutions Partner about your team and your goals to get an accurate onboarding estimate.

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Why spend the money on HubSpot onboarding?

You've spent the money (and will continue to spend money) on your HubSpot subscription. 

If your team doesn't know how to use all of those tools and features that you are paying for on a monthly or yearly basis, that's money you're just throwing away.

Paying the one-time onboarding fee gives your team access to the expert training they need to really make the most of the tools you've purchased.

Plus, partnering with a HubSpot Solutions Partner means you always have a direct line to someone who can answer any question that comes up as your team becomes more comfortable with the HubSpot platform.

05. How do I get my team to use HubSpot every day?

This is probably our HubSpot team's most frequently asked question. Your company has spent money on HubSpot, HubSpot implementation, and now HubSpot onboarding. What's your guarantee?

How do you know that after spending this money to streamline your process and set your sales and marketing teams up for success, they'll keep using it?

We have a couple of answers to that:

Encourage everyone to use HubSpot just 5 minutes a day. 
Most people have 5 minutes a day to spare. Just getting into the habit of logging in every day can go a long way to get your team on board.

Read this blog 7 Ways to Get Your Sales Team to Use HubSpot Every Day
It's written by yours truly, and it's published on the HubSpot User Blog, so you know it's legit.

Start holding your team accountable through the HubSpot platform
Whether this is setting up a sales leaderboard or giving a special award to the team member with the most in-HubSpot activities each week (Coffee gift-cards, meeting-free days, or even awarding a "camera-off" day or week are all great motivators), the more visible you make HubSpot in your team meetings, the more your team is incentivized to use it, and the more "normal" HubSpot feels.

Emphasize the benefits that HubSpot provides for your team.

There's a reason you chose to move your company to the HubSpot CRM. Does your team know that reason?

Just 30% of every salesperson's day is spent selling. 70% of their day is spent on administrative tasks, whether that's setting up emails, logging calls, communicating with the team about what they're selling, and more. 

When they move to HubSpot, the platform is designed to take the weight of administration off their shoulders. By automating emails, sending reminders out to other team members, and establishing workflows, your team will cut down that administrative time, until the majority of their day is spent doing the thing they're paid (and hopefully, love) to do. 

If you can keep the emphasis on why you're using HubSpot and how that's going to make your team's life easier, you're going to see some serious buy-in from your team.

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Who can help you get your team using HubSpot, the right way?

We're throwing in a bonus question for you! If you've purchased HubSpot and are hoping to make the most of it, a HubSpot Solutions Partner is your best bet to getting started on the right foot. 

We've talked a bit about what a HubSpot implementation is before, and that's a great first step. But, once your HubSpot platform is set up to support your team, they need the training to know how to use it. Both of these are services that the Evenbound HubSpot team provides to our clients every day. For more info, or to see what HubSpot onboarding could look like for your team, get in touch!

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