HubSpot CMS Pricing: What You Pay & What You Get From Every CMS Tier

Mackenzie | October 06, 2022 | Hubspot

Okay, so you've read the research, and you think that maybe the HubSpot CMS is the best option for your website. 

Maybe you already have one of the other HubSpot Hubs, such as the HubSpot Marketing Hub or HubSpot Sales Hub. Or, perhaps you've just heard really amazing things about HubSpot's performance.

Either way, if you're looking into the HubSpot CMS Hub, we're willing to bet one of your top questions is, "How much will the HubSpot CMS Hub paid plan cost me?" HubSpot CMS pricing is what we'll look at in this post.


The Inside Scoop on HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot breaks its CMS Hub out into three different tiers; each offered at different prices with different features. This blog will teach you about HubSpot pricing and which CMS tier is best for your company.

Here at Evenbound, we’re a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about HubSpot CMS pricing and what you’ll get from each tier. 

Know what tier you want to check out? Hop right to it using the menu below.

Does HubSpot Offer Free CMS Tools?


Yes – HubSpot offers a free version of CMS tools worth exploring. This free suite of content management tools is perfect for marketers and developers. You’ll be able to create or expand your website with free hosting, visual editing features, and more.

What Features Do You Get With Free HubSpot CMS?

With HubSpot's free CMS tools, creating a website is easier than ever. Critical features are offered that will help you deliver an exceptional user experience while growing your business.

Free HubSpot CMS Tools: The Important Things

A website is more than just static content. It requires interactive elements and data to analyze your development. Here’s what you’ll get with the Free HubSpot CMS tools:

  • Theme Library - A flexible collection of themes that will fit any brand
  • Drag-And-Drop Editor - An easy, user-friendly way to build and update your website
  • Premium Cloud Hosting - Your customers will always receive the best experience
  • Website Analytics - Keep track of how your website and business are growing and who your demographic is
  • Access to Other Free HubSpot Tools - including email marketing, meetings, live chat, and more.

Free HubSpot CMS Tools: What You Might Miss

As you can imagine, the free version of anything has some drawbacks. There are elements you’ll be missing when you opt for the free tools. We’ll list some here, but you can discover more benefits from other packages as you dive further into the blog. 

  • No Live Support - While free CMS customers can use HubSpot's Community, KB docs, and Academy to troubleshoot, they won't have access to live email or chat with a support team. 
  • Automatic HubSpot Branding - This will appear on all the pages on your website, including blog posts and landing pages
  • No Custom Email Sending Domain - HubSpot's free CMS tools support a custom domain, but not a custom email sending domain 
  • No Systems Pages Modifications - Pages like your 404 error page will come with a set design you won't be able to modify. 

Free HubSpot CMS Tool: The Bottom Line

The free version of HubSpot CMS is ideal for small businesses ready to dip their toes into the world of digital marketing. If you're ready to take that first step in building your website, and you're planning to build your website yourself, there is no better free tool package than what HubSpot is offering.

HubSpot CMS Hub Starter

HubSpot's entry-level tier is called the HubSpot CMS Hub Starter. This tier is meant to give you everything you need and nothing you don't, so you can get a solid website off the ground – fast.

How Much Does HubSpot CMS Starter Cost?

The HubSpot CMS pricing for the Hub Starter tier starts at $25/month. Like all of HubSpot's services, you can bundle it with other hubs, like the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub, to extend your features and roll all your data into one platform.

What Features Do You Get With HubSpot CMS Starter?

The HubSpot CMS Starter package is going to give you all the basics. You'll get the speed and security that come with HubSpot's hosting, their very popular drag-and-drop editor, website themes, and of course, the CRM database we're all after. 

HubSpot CMS Starter: The Important Things

Beyond what we’ve already mentioned, more standout features come with Starter – features you might miss from other CMS tiers.

  • 20 Web Pages - This doesn't count blog posts or landing pages, so this is perfect for a small business or mid-sized businesses with 10-20 main website pages.
  • 1 Blog With 10k Blog Posts - Again, this is what you need for a small to mid-sized business. One blog to post all your news updates and regular SEO-focused content.
  • 10 Reporting Dashboards with 10 Reports per Dashboard - All the numbers you need, exactly where you need them. HubSpot's CMS dashboards can show traffic, page performance, and more.
  • 2k Email Sends Per Month - Plenty of email marketing to get you going. In general, these will be your Newsletter and Company update emails.
  • Shared Inbox - Set up a hello@ or info@ inbox, and make sure all the right people on your team get the emails within that shared inbox.

HubSpot CMS Starter: What You Might Miss

The HubSpot CMS Starter tier includes every feature you need to build a functional, well-performing website. Because it's HubSpot's entry tier, it will lack some of those nice-to-have features that come at a higher price point.

If you're stuck between Starter and Professional, knowing what you're missing can be helpful. While this isn't the complete list, here are 7 features you might miss out on with just the Starter Hub.

  • CTAs - This tool makes it easy for you to keep track of the performance of all your calls to action, giving you real-time insight into which CTAs are performing best, which have converted leads, and more. If you have some of the other HubSpot Hubs, you might be able to work around this, but CTAs are one of our most-used tools to determine visitor engagement and convert leads.
  • Calculated Properties - HubSpot's Calculated Properties roll up and calculate data from other fields. They help you figure out how often a lead touches your site or engages in an activity before becoming a customer. You can also use them to determine how long it takes an MQL to convert to an SQL. If you're looking for robust reporting, this might be one you miss.
  • Content Staging - This is another one that makes the CMS Starter a little clunky. In all the other tiers of the HubSpot CMS, you can stage content on the backend to see what it looks like and how it feels before you push it live. This is handy for companies requiring multiple approvals before launching new copy or website updates. While you can still draft up pages, there's no great way to stage content in the CMS Starter package.
  • Video Hosting Management - In today’s world, video is a big part of marketing and sales. Unfortunately, the CMS Starter package doesn't include HubSpot's robust video hosting and management tools. This doesn't mean you can't use video, but your experience won't be as seamless, and you won't get the data that HubSpot can offer on video performance.
  • Google Search Console Integration - This is another one of those annoying little features that won't impact how your site performs, but you might miss it when you don't have it. You can still get that data on your own, but navigating two platforms to get all the analytics you want can be frustrating.
  • Content Strategy and SEO - HubSpot's Content Strategy and SEO tools are excellent, and unfortunately, they're not included in CMS Starter. You'll still be able to see individual page performance, but you won't get data on how your topic clusters or overarching content strategy is performing.
  • A/B Testing - This is the last big one we'll mention because it’s a kicker for anyone trying to build a website and is serious about digital marketing. The Starter Hub doesn't come with A/B testing features, making it tough to test elements that can make a big difference with conversions.

HubSpot CMS Starter: The Bottom Line

Bottom line, the HubSpot CMS Starter tier is best for companies just looking for the basics or taking a cost-conscious approach to web development.

The HubSpot CMS Hub Starter gives you everything you need to build an attractive, well-performing site. Choose your own theme, get top-of-the-line hosting and security, and launch.

You'll miss out on some of the robust marketing, testing, and strategy features HubSpot offers, but you won't lose much in performance. The Starter tier could be a top-notch fit for your business as long as you've got a small website and aren't too concerned about testing and optimizing.

HubSpot CMS Hub Professional

If the HubSpot CMS Hub tiers were like Goldilock's three bowls of oatmeal, the Professional Tier would be "just right." It’s offered at a price much lower than the Enterprise Tier, but it delivers a host of robust features well beyond what the Starter Tier offers. You get a lot for a little and don't miss out on much.

How Much Does HubSpot CMS Professional Cost?

The HubSpot pricing for the Professional Hub tier starts at $400 a month. It's easy to bundle with other HubSpot Hubs for a price break, and you can always talk to your favorite HubSpot Partner Solutions Partner Agency (ahem, Evenbound, right?) to see what promotions or discounts are available. The cost makes a little more sense when you see what you’re getting.

What Features Do You Get With HubSpot CMS Professional?

The HubSpot CMS Professional tier offers all the features offered with the Starter tier, plus a whole collection of additional features that help you make the most of your digital and inbound marketing strategies

The upgraded features you’ll get with HubSpot CMS Professional include over 10,000 web pages, dynamic content (which makes it possible to make global site changes at the press of a button), up to 100 blogs, and all kinds of marketing tools.

HubSpot CMS Professional: The Important Things

Here's what all you get from the HubSpot CMS Professional tier:

  • 10k Web Pages With Dynamic Content - You’ll have enough website pages to cover all your content while being able to make global website changes in live time.
  • Up to 100 Blogs With 10k Blog Posts Per Blog - With 100 blogs, you easily create separate content creation spaces for each division or location and track results accordingly. This is perfect for any company with numerous divisions and locations.
  • 25 Reporting Dashboards With 30 Reports Per Dashboard - Expanded capabilities mean expanded reporting. You’ll get more of the reports you need at a glance with 25 dashboards.
  • Additional Features on Bots, Chats, and Forms - HubSpot CMS Starter includes bots, chat, and forms, but HubSpot CMS Professional takes them to the next level with additional features for customization and interaction to make audience engagement seamless.
  • Up to 100 Shared Inboxes - All the emails you need with all the team members who need them.
  • Language Options - This is an important upgrade for any company that works with audiences who speak multiple languages. The Starter Hub doesn't offer language options, so Pro seriously levels up this capability.
  • Content Staging - You don't get it in the HubSpot CMS Starter tier, but you sure will in HubSpot CMS Pro tier! You’ll be able to stage content to make sure it's perfect before launching.
  • Products - If you've got an eCommerce branch of your site, HubSpot CMS Pro gives you Product capabilities to show them off.
  • Video Hosting and Management - HubSpot Professional makes leveling up your video strategy easy. Video hosting and management keep all your exciting content in one spot without bloating your site. Plus, you’ll get all the analytics you want on video engagement.
  • SEO and Content Strategy Features - HubSpot CMS Pro gives you access to SEO and content strategy features, including Topic Clusters and SEO recommendations for your blogs. If you're familiar with the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress, HubSpot CMS Pro gives you the HubSpot equivalent of that tool.
  • A/B Testing - Test away! Optimize your site with minor tweaks that make a big difference. From testing different page titles or button colors, you’ll get all the data you need to improve UX for your site visitors.
  • Custom Reporting - This prominent feature was missing from the HubSpot CMS Starter tier. Custom reporting lets you develop reports that help you analyze all of your data in the ways most meaningful to you.
  • Duplicate Management - The last one we'll mention is duplicate management, which is so handy. It's an AI tool that helps you identify and merge duplicate records, so you don't have to sift through hundreds of duplicated contacts.

HubSpot CMS Professional: What You Might Miss

That was a lot of features, but believe it or not, there's still more available! While the HubSpot CMS Professional tier will suit most small to mid-sized companies, there are some features you might miss out on – especially if you're investing heavily in analytics and RevOps.

  • Custom Objects - This feature lets you store virtually any type of data you find important in HubSpot. Whether that's an event, subscription, location, etc., this feature is handy because you can set up workflows and run reports on those custom objects when they're of value to you.
  • Salesforce Custom Objects - The HubSpot CMS Professional Tier includes Salesforce integration, but you won't be able to integrate any custom objects from Salesforce on the Pro tier.
  • Adaptive Testing - If you're a data nerd like us, this is a really cool feature you might miss. It takes your A/B testing efforts and automates them. This helps you improve conversion rates without having to monitor tests manually.
  • Content Partitioning - This is an important tool for more prominent companies. It allows you to give different teams varying permissions on what they can see, edit, and publish based on role, region, and more.
  • Web Apps - If you want custom-built features like a calculator, customer portal, or LMS, you can't do that unless you upgrade to the Enterprise tier. You can still get a lot of these features from the HubSpot Asset Marketplace, but you won't be able to build your own on the Professional tier.
  • Admin Notifications - This is another feature you could miss if you have a larger organization or website. Admin notifications let you set up default notifications for any user in your account or create notification profiles by role.

HubSpot CMS Professional: The Bottom Line

The bottom line remains: the HubSpot CMS Professional tier is the Goldilocks option. You get a ton of reporting and website enhancement features without having to shell out for that Enterprise cost. Most companies will get all the features they've ever wanted, plus a few they didn't know they needed.

HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise

So, we've arrived at the biggest, baddest HubSpot CMS Hub package available on the market — the Enterprise plan.


If you're not messing around and want the best website and features money can buy, the HubSpot CMS Enterprise tier is what you need. With this plan, you’ll get everything HubSpot has to offer.

How Much Does HubSpot CMS Enterprise Cost?

The HubSpot pricing for the CMS Hub Enterprise tier starts at $1,200 per month. While that might sound like a lot at first, I'd advise you to consider how much you're spending on IT and site developers now and additional support when something goes down.

Now, consider how many leads your website delivers (or should deliver if it was optimized and functional) a month. If you are or could reasonably be making more than $1,200/month on clients who convert on the site, then the Enterprise tier might be worth the cost for your company.

What Features Do You Get With HubSpot CMS Enterprise?

Everything! No, seriously – any feature HubSpot has that is related to their CMS, you get it with HubSpot CMS Enterprise.


From expanded capabilities on tools like landing pages to multi-language content creation, customizable traffic analytics, up to 200 currencies, up to 500 custom reports, and so much more, there's nothing you’ll need or want that you can't get with HubSpot CMS Enterprise. 

You’ll get all the features included with the HubSpot CMS Starter and Pro tiers, plus all the features we mentioned you might miss from both of those tiers.

HubSpot CMS Enterprise: What You Might Miss

Nothing. At least not anything that HubSpot has in their inventory. The Enterprise tier is HubSpot's most comprehensive CMS Hub package.


Plus, Enterprise tier customers often get first looks at new features and beta versions of features HubSpot is planning to roll out, so there's a lot of value in Enterprise if your team will actually use all of these features.

Compared to other content management systems, Enterprise stacks up impressively well, offering some of the most robust security, speed, and analytics features on the market. If your company is striving to build its digital presence or is doing business in a high-value market or enterprise industry, then the HubSpot CMS Enterprise is one of the top options on the market.

HubSpot CMS Starter vs. Professional vs. Enterprise: Which Tier Is Best for You?

If you've read through this blog, you probably know which tier is right for you. In case you skimmed — no shame, most of us do — here's a final breakdown:

HubSpot CMS Starter Tier

  • Starts at $25/month.
  • Offers everything you need to get a well-performing website going, plus some handy analytics features and marketing tools you won't find anywhere else.
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses with under 15 site pages who are looking to dip a toe into the HubSpot ecosystem.

HubSpot CMS Professional Tier

  • Starts at $400/month.
  • Offers everything included in the Starter tier, plus a range of additional marketing, sales, and service features that help you provide a better user experience and maximize performance.
  • Ideal for mid to large-sized businesses who are serious about improving performance, but aren't ready for the Enterprise tier investment.

HubSpot CMS Enterprise

  • Starts at $1,200/month.
  • Offers every HubSpot CMS feature and tool available, helping you create a true RevOps machine that removes friction and promotes growth.
  • Ideal for large to enterprise-size companies that are serious about investing in inbound marketing and RevOps. 

Have You Decided Which HubSpot CMS Hub Tier Is Right for Your Business?

It’s time to talk to the Evenbound team! Not only is our HubSpot Services Team of HubSpot Certified Trainers ready and waiting to help you onboard, but as HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partners, we might be able to provide discounts on your subscription!

Get in touch with us for more info on how we can help your business and how much your ideal HubSpot CMS Hub Tier might cost.

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