Can Instagram Work for My Commercial Construction Company?

Mackenzie | November 20, 2018 | Manufacturer Marketing

As social media marketing gains more traction in industries of every kind, even technical manufacturing and construction industries are finding that a solid social media presence can help to build brand awareness. As a commercial construction company, you may wonder what social media can hold for you, and while Facebook Advertising might seem like a no-brainer, benefits of some of the more abstract options like Instagram might be harder to pin down.


If you've been wondering about Instagram's potential for your commercial construction company, know that nearly any social media presence can help grow awareness of your business, if you're invested in making it work.


Construction companies have a lot to offer in the world of Instagram. Instagram is highly visual, and Instagram users consume transformation and progress pictures with a voracity you won't find anywhere else. If your construction company is willing to give Instagram a go, the platform has quite a lot to offer. (If you're not quite there yet, no worries, check out our Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing to get started.)


Here are just a few of the benefits Instagram can offer commercial construction companies:




Instagram provides the most engagement of any social media platform out there. In fact, one social media study showed that Instagram has about 58 times as much engagement as Facebook. That means Instagram users are more likely to comment, share, and tag other people in comments on images they like or that they find compelling.


Engagement numbers like that show that users are willing to talk and interact with brands and companies, which means exceptional results for your construction company, especially if you're regularly posting great images of the amazing projects you've completed or before-and-after pictures of a job that went really well.




Because Instagram users engage so eagerly with posts and businesses on Instagram, it means it's easier for you to build a larger platform, and get more eyes on your company. In 2018, Instagram reported 1 billion active users from around the world. The more people who engage with your post, the greater the number of people who see the post, and with a platform of 1 billion, the only thing stopping you is how much effort you're willing to put in.


Beyond just basic awareness, Instagram offers awareness potential because of how Instagrammers use the platform. 80% of those 1 billion Instagram users report following a business or brand, and 30% of all Instagram users have made a purchase from an Instagram ad or post.


While it's certainly easier for B2C brands to draw those direct purchases, the fact that most Instagram users are not only okay with companies in their feeds, but are eager to engage and purchase from them means that your construction company has that same potential to convert leads.


With dedication to your social media platforms, it's completely in the realm of possibility for your construction company to generate followers who are interested in what you build, and who would seek you out for their next major commercial construction project.




Instagram offers your company the potential to spread your wings, and announce yourself to the more general public. Too often, construction companies are only well-known by other businesses and people in the industry. There are few construction companies who are truly household names, but Instagram offers you the potential to change that.


Post about the new technology you're using. Show followers how your engineers are testing architecture designs and blueprints. If you're doing something that's cutting edge in the commercial construction industry, Instagram gives you the platform you need to show it off. The more new, interesting content you post, the larger the gap grows between you and your competitors. That gives you the advantage of authority. You're the one people see innovating, so you're the company they'll turn to when they need innovation.




Perhaps the single most effective benefit a quality Instagram account can give your construction company is a bit of humanity. Instagram offers companies the opportunity to humanize themselves, to showcase the people who get the work done, and to reveal a bit of your company's personality. It's too easy for consumers to forget that a company or corporation is made up of people, so a highly visual site like Instagram gives you the chance to infuse some of that personality and humanity back into your commercial construction company.


Today's consumer values relationships beyond everything else. They choose to buy from companies they trust, and whose missions align with their personal morals and sentiments. By giving your company a face through something like Instagram, you give consumers the ability to see your commercial construction company as more than a fleet of cranes, wrecking balls, and dump trucks. When they can see that people just like them make up your company, you start building those relationships that are ultimately so important to finding new clients, and starting new projects.


If you liked this blog and want to know more, hit us up in the comments below! And if you really liked this blog, keep checking back — we've got a second follow-up post coming called "Build Awareness: Instagram 101 For Commercial Construction Companies."


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