What's the Cost of a Website Redesign?

Kendall | November 16, 2021 | Website Development

Hands down, your website is the most important digital marketing tool your company has. As the hub of your inbound marketing strategy and the first touchpoint for many of your leads, you want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. If it’s not, you’re looking at a website redesign project — and that’s going to cost you money.

How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

Nowadays, a newly designed website can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few tens of thousands of dollars. And although that price range may seem like it has a pretty steep incline, if you want a website that operates fast, showcases your brand, and is optimized for search engines, a larger investment is a necessary one.

Generally, you have three options for a website redesign project: do it yourself, hire a freelancer, or hire an agency. Each of these options is associated with different costs, advantages, and disadvantages. Below, we’ll break them all down for you, so you can choose what one may work best with your budget.

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The Cost of Redesigning Your Own Website

In most cases, taking a website redesign project on by yourself is the cheapest way to go. You’ll only have to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for your website domain, hosting platform, SSL certificate, etc. However, the real cost of redesigning your own website is the time and hassle it involves. If you don’t already have experience in website design, you likely have a lot to learn.

You can find pretty affordable, easy-to-operate content management systems (CMS), but they won’t offer many of the functionalities, features, and integrations you need. Or, you can invest in a more complex, comprehensive CMS, but risk taking a ton of time learning all the ins and outs of it by yourself.

Advantages of Redesigning Your Own Website:

  • It’s the most affordable option.
  • You can learn new skills in the process.
  • You know your company and your customers best.
  • You get the satisfaction of redesigning a website on your own.

Disadvantages of Redesigning Your Own Website:

  • It takes A LOT of time and effort, especially if you’re starting from ground zero.
  • Basic website builders and CMS’s don’t allow for robust features, functionalities, and customization.
  • It likely won’t turn out quite like you envisioned it.

The Cost of Hiring a Freelancer to Redesign Your Website

Hiring a freelancer usually falls into the middle of the website redesign price range. You can expect to spend somewhere in the mid-thousands to the low tens of thousands. Freelancers come with various skill levels, and will charge based on their experience and the scope of your project. While some freelancers charge hourly rates, others will propose a fixed amount.

You can search for qualified freelancers via professional networks, word-of-mouth, or freelancing websites. The most important thing is to conduct a preliminary interview with them to make sure they’re a good fit for the project — otherwise they could end up being a waste of time and money.

Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer to Redesign Your Website:

  • It’s often a happy-medium in terms of pricing.
  • You don’t have to spend time or energy designing a site by yourself.
  • You can pick who you want to work with based on their skills and experience.
  • They often have portfolios that you can look at for vetting and inspiration purposes.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Freelancer to Redesign Your Website:

  • They can be a hit-or-miss, especially if you don’t conduct a preliminary interview.
  • They may be juggling other projects at the same time, which can be a lot for one person.
  • They’re not in-house talent, so you may need to spend some time informing them about who you are and what you do.
  • You'll still need to spend time telling them exactly what you're looking for. When it comes to SEO and certain functionality, freelancers don't offer those features baked-in. You'll need to do at least the research yourself when it comes to ideal keywords to optimize for, as well as any new content creation.

The Cost of Hiring an Agency to Redesign Your Website

More times than not, hiring an agency for your website redesign will cost you the most money. You should expect to pay somewhere in the tens-of-thousands range. This may seem like a lot, but hiring an agency usually ends up being the most cost-effective option in terms of what you pay and what you receive.

When you hire an agency for your website redesign, you get access to a team of professionals with experience in all things digital. From content, to user experience, to search engine optimization (SEO), they’re able to do it all so you can get more bang for your buck.

You should keep in mind that this is what agencies do, day-in and day-out. They’ll have an established process that includes things like sitemaps, design concepts, keyword research, and content writing — and they’ll be sure to ask you for approvals throughout the entire process. At the end, they’ll ensure you’re happy with the finished product, and make changes if you’re not. You may even be able to create a trusted relationship that results in outsourcing more things to them in the future, like blogging, social media, and SEO work.

Advantages of Hiring an Agency to Redesign Your Website:

  • You have access to a whole team of experienced professionals.
  • They’re able to provide comprehensive website services, like content creation and SEO.
  • They ask for your input throughout all steps of their established process.
  • You’ll wind up with the best end-result possible.
  • There’s an opportunity for outsourcing more digital services to them in the future.

Disadvantages of Hiring an Agency to Redesign Your Website:

I may be biased — but even if I wasn’t, I’d still tell you this is the best option.

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