Evenbound Achieves Diamond Tier in HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program

Mackenzie | July 05, 2022 | Hubspot

Evenbound is excited to announce we have reached the diamond tier of HubSpot's Solutions Partner program. Out of HubSpot's total network of nearly 6,500 partners, there are less than 200 agencies in the diamond tier. This is an exciting step for Evenbound, putting us in company with just 3% of the entire solutions partner program.

 Here's what Evenbound president, John Heritage has to say about this exciting step:

”I am immensely proud of everything that we've accomplished as a team over the last 12 to 18 months," said Evenbound president, John Heritage. "This milestone is just another indicator that our growth plans are working. We will pause briefly to celebrate and then continue on our growth journey."

John Heritage – Evenbound President

The HubSpot ecosystem represents nearly $19 billion in estimated opportunity. When HubSpot announced its intent to focus more heavily on software development, and leave service to its partner network, the Evenbound team took our training seriously. We've invested heavily in our HubSpot team, and our entire team's training in the HubSpot space in an effort to distinguish ourselves as a premier provider. 

The Evenbound team holds more than 350 certifications, and multiple team members hold every HubSpot certification available. Other notable milestones and achievements include:

This tier upgrade is a confirmation of our status as a team of certified and accredited HubSpot experts, and it serves to put a stamp of approval on the work we're doing to support our clients. 

”I am always impressed by Evenbound's ability to deliver outstanding client experiences. Their team's emphasis on continuous learning, their ambition to achieve multiple Impact Awards, and their determination to continue distinguishing themselves as technical HubSpot experts uniquely positions them to serve as trusted advisors to their clients.

I am excited about all that's ahead as our teams continue to work alongside each other to best serve the needs of our shared customers.“

Brian Garvey – VP, Solutions Partner Program, HubSpot

What is the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program?

If you're new to the HubSpot ecosystem, it might help to know what it means to be a part of the HubSpot solutions partner program.

The program is an ecosystem of experts that offer marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM, and IT services. It's a global community that believes putting customers first is the key to growth, and enables its members to offer a wide breadth of sophisticated solutions across the entire customer experience. 

What Does Diamond Mean?

Obviously, we're excited to make diamond status, but what does that tier upgrade really mean for us, and more importantly, for you?

Let's start with how we got here:

To achieve diamond status, partners must meet a yearly sold MRR of at least $19,000 and be managing at least $50,000 MRR.

Now that we have Diamond status, we receive all the benefits from HubSpot that we used to have as a Platinum solutions partner, PLUS:

Priority beta access
We get priority access to HubSpot's newest tools, before they're available to the general public. This means we can share them with you, keep you updated of what's coming next for your HubSpot subscription, and get all the training we need to make sure that when those new tools do roll out,we know how to optimize them to help you reach your goals.

Top advice & priority support
As a Diamond Solutions Partner, we get to skip the support line. We have access to advice from some of HubSpot's top technicians, and as our client, you never have to wait in line for HubSpot support. We get to move your ticket to HubSpot's top priority.

All-access to INBOUND
INBOUND is one of the coolest events of the year, and Diamond status means we get to send more of our team to the conference to connect with other experts, learn about new tools, and improve our abilities. The more we know, the better we can serve you as your certificed and accredited experts.

Joint planning sessions
As a Diamond tier partner, our HubSpot Channel Account Manager and Channel Consultant work with us to develop strategic plans for our services every quarter. This means we're able to keep a finger on the pulse of what's happening at HubSpot, and ensure we're offering the best, most valuable services to you.

What's Next for Evenbound?

We're so excited to be a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner. We're going to take a minute to celebrate this achievement, and then we're going to go right back to doing what got us here — providing excellent HubSpot services. 

The Evenbound team has recently hired two experienced technical HubSpot Administrators, and they represent more of what's to come. As we continue to progress, we're going to keep investing in our HubSpot education and services. No matter what, we exist to function as your certified and accredited experts. Every move we make going forward will to further our goal to provide you with the most knowledgeable, strategy-focused HubSpot services available. 

Onward and upward! We're excited to keep moving forward with you and with HubSpot. 

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