What is Marketing Operations? Here's the Inside Scoop

Elizabeth | March 06, 2023 | Hubspot

When you want to increase efficiency and drive real results in your business, implementing marketing operations is the way to go. It builds a foundation that will lead you to success and reinforce your marketing strategy in a variety of ways.

So, exactly what is marketing operations? We’re here to give you the inside scoop.

What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing operations is sometimes referred to as MOps. It’s an umbrella term encompassing the team members, processes, and technology that power a business’s marketing strategy

Marketing operations create a foundation that will support your marketing efforts and increase your business’s chances of success. By implementing specific systems and processes, marketers will be equipped to succeed at their jobs as best as possible. 

MOps can be broken down into three major categories that contain everything you need to make your marketing work: people, processes, and technology. 

People include:
- Marketing Managers
- Marketing Strategists
- Marketing Analysts
- Content Experts
- SEO Specialists

Processes include:
- Project Planning
- Marketing Research
- Plan Implementation
- Performance Analysis
- Data Management

Technology includes:
- Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMs)
- Content Management System
- Advertising
- Social Media

What Makes Marketing Operations So Important?

Without the implementation of marketing operations, it would be substantially more difficult for marketing team members to complete their essential tasks. And what really makes MOps work for those team members is the group of people that manage the technical aspects and make sure that technology works seamlessly. 


To put it simply, think of a marketing team as a racecar trying to make it to the finish line. The marketing operations acts as the pit crew. They’ll change the tires, put gas in the car, and service it as needed. Basically, they’re ensuring that all the equipment is in tip-top shape and supporting the vehicle. That’s how marketing operations works!


So, we think it’s pretty apparent why marketing operations is vital to any business. MOps offers a roadmap to success! 

What Are the Specific Roles and Responsibilities Within Marketing Operations?

We’ve explained the overarching goal and job of marketing operations. But what does that look like on a daily basis? What specific roles and responsibilities are there within marketing operations? Here are some examples:

  • Systems and Data Management ensure that marketing can access the tools and data they need to do their best work. They can build automation to reduce manual work, oversee and implement marketing technology, create best practices for everyone, and more.
  • Email and CRM Operations and Management will manage email data, optimize email campaigns, tailor them to critical stages of the buyer’s journey, create templates, etc.
  • Project Management thrives when it comes to implementing high-quality project management practices. They’ll distribute tools, templates, processes, and more to help make projects successful. 

What's the Difference Between MOps and RevOps?

In the business world, there’s always lots of talk of “operations.” In a nutshell, operations is a way of saying how teams within a company function. If you’ve gotten this far into the blog, you know what marketing operations is. You might also know what revenue operations is and be wondering how the two stand up to each other. 

If you don’t already know, revenue operations, also known as RevOps, is an organizational strategy that maximizes an organization's revenue potential by bringing all parts of a business together. The major difference between RevOps and MOps is that RevOps is focused on aligning teams across the entire company, while MOps focuses specifically on improving how the marketing team operates.

Marketing and revenue operations are in charge of crucial functions that will help your business grow. When they’re both utilized, they work hand-in-hand and make your success unstoppable! Many companies begin using MOps and then start the efforts of the RevOps program second.

Ready to Find a Marketing Operations Expert?

Do you need help implementing a marketing strategy or learning how to start with MOps or RevOps? That’s where the Evenbound team comes in! We can’t get enough of this stuff, and we’d love to chat with you about it to discover how it could best work for your business. We're experienced in marketing operations (we're actively implementing MOps and RevIos for our team and our clients!), and we know how to help.


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