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Evenbound Helps Poly Bag Manufacturer Collect More Qualified Leads with HubSpot

Marketing for B2B companies, especially manufacturers, has always been tough. Saturated markets make it difficult to distinguish one company’s benefits from another. And, given today's consumer habits, marketing strategies are increasingly focused online. If prospective buyers can view and compare all their options at once, what can a manufacturer do to make sure their products are at the top of the list?

In 2020, the race to excel in virtual markets was accelerated. Fewer companies were able to rely on longstanding strategies of reaching out to customers through in-person sales teams. To survive and adapt to new conditions, everyone — especially those in the manufacturing industry — was looking for ways to use digital marketing and retrain their sales team to nurture leads online.

This case study outlines how one poly bag manufacturing company, with the help of the Evenbound team and the support of HubSpot, successfully implemented digital marketing strategies that solidified their company’s brand, expanded their company's online reach, and drew in more qualified leads to contribute to company growth.

In the first quarter of 2021, our client saw:


A-Pac Manufacturing produces a wide variety of polyethylene bags, liners and films that are used for a variety of applications. Though A-Pac Manufacturing has held onto a solid market share since its founding in 1988, in 2020, the company found itself in a hyper-competitive digital space, with many new competitors popping up online in the last 5 years. A-Pac Manufacturing was seeking to expand its online footprint in order to increase new traffic, visitors and sales in 2020.

In an effort to diversify their products and stand out from the competition, A-Pac sought out Evenbound to optimize their site and digital marketing approach with the goal of earning more, better-qualified leads.

Evenbound's experience as a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner equipped with multiple HubSpot Certified Trainers, combined with our expertise developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for Michigan manufacturers set us up perfectly to help A-Pac reach their growth goals.

After bringing in Evenbound as a primary marketing resource, A-Pac was able to generate more qualified leads through a newly updated and optimized website.

The Challenge

Bringing a Digital Marketing Strategy Online & Onto HubSpot

With most of the A-Pac team focused on improving product quality and customer service, they didn't have the capacity to research inbound marketing and develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy on their own. They knew that reaching customers online would help them have more control over the lead nurturing process, but they didn’t have the time to develop their website and strategies to their full potential. And the A-Pac sales team was juggling the leads they currently had with efforts to reach new ones, which kept them busy. 

They needed someone to help them get started with HubSpot tools so they could manage their own success.

Our challenge was to approach A-Pac Manufacturing’s broad customer base, spread across a variety of industries, and hone in on the ideal buyers for each industry. We started with buyer personas, a comprehensive content marketing strategy, and a full website redesign — to make sure every page and piece of content was working to provide the most value and pull in the most qualified leads. We also had to make sure all of our efforts were integrated with HubSpot's responsive platform, so we could track and analyze the results.

The Evenbound Strategy

Establishing a Digital Presence for Increased Leads & Engagement With Help From HubSpot

  • User-Friendly Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Targeted Paid Search Campaigns
  • Blogging
  • HubSpot Onboarding
  • Sales Enablement

The first thing the Evenbound team did was complete a full audit of A-Pac’s marketing materials and website assets. This offered a comprehensive picture of where A-Pac was, and how we could create a strategy that would help them achieve their goals.

Given A-Pac's new set of goals, we implemented the following digital marketing tactics:

  • Identified ideal buyer personas for each target industry.
  • Developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy specifically tailored to each buyer persona.
  • Designed and launched a new, responsive website that supports a full suite of inbound marketing tools, and integrates with the HubSpot platform. 
  • Created targeted website content, conversion optimization, calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead-nurturing content offers
  • Created strategic blog content to draw qualified leads into workflows. 
  • Onboarded the A-Pac Manufacturing team to the HubSpot platform. 
  • Developed highly-targeted Google Ads and paid search campaigns. 
  • Ensured quality on-page and off-page search engine optimization
  • Developed a content creation strategy to address target industries. Applied the strategy to the blog, social media, newsletters, and email marketing efforts. 
  • Established monthly check & connect meetings for regular reporting and HubSpot training on new tools and features. 

Following the implementation of this digital marketing strategy, Evenbound now develops new site content, content offers, and blog posts on a regular schedule to continue to boost A-Pac Manufacturing's position for relevant keywords in those new target industries. These efforts have helped to increase both qualified leads and conversions. 

HubSpot onboarding sessions and regular training made it possible for A-Pac Manufacturing to use the platform to its full potential. Their team is now able to manage and organize all of those new leads and conversions directly through the HubSpot platform, which has significantly increased their ability to effectively nurture leads through every step of the buyer's journey. 

By providing this value to their customers digitally, A-Pac Manufacturing is able to devote more attention to customers who already know what they’re looking for, and trust A-Pac’s brand to deliver solutions. This holistic digital marketing approach has proven successful as our partnership with A-Pac Manufacturing continues.

The Results

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Delivers Real Results

Evenbound's digital marketing strategy has helped A-Pac Manufacturing reach their growth goals. Reporting and analytics from the HubSpot platform allow us to make recommendations and changes to the A-Pac digital marketing strategy that are based on accurate, real-time data. It’s been a year following our efforts to revamp the A-Pac Manufacturing website and digital marketing strategy, and in Q1 of 2021, we've delivered the following results:

  • 110.59% increase in new leads
  • 49.45% increase in sessions
  • 179 new leads

This strategy hasn't just increased the traffic that A-Pac Manufacturing is experiencing, it’s also improved qualified traffic, so the leads they receive as a result of their new digital marketing strategy are more likely to convert into customers.

Each aspect of A-Pac Manufacturing's digital marketing plan is working together to broaden their reach, draw new visitors into their site, and keep them interested in A-Pac’s services. And with the HubSpot platform, A-Pac has been able to keep leads in the sales funnel, too. A-Pac has the tools, tracking, and training to ensure that no leads fall through the cracks and continue this growth into 2021.

What’s Next?

More Qualified Leads that Contribute to A-Pac Manufacturing’s Overall Company Growth.

Our 2020 partnership with A-Pac Manufacturing was just the start. The Evenbound team continues to work with their team to maximize their usage of the HubSpot platform, and we're accelerating our digital marketing efforts to increase brand awareness, nurture leads through the buyer's journey, and align sales and marketing efforts to increase their success rate. We're looking forward to our continued partnership as A-Pac Manufacturing grows and succeeds.

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