Multi-Lab is a custom laboratory manufacturer out of Spring Lake, MI. They build, design, and install laboratories for most every lab application out there. Multi-Lab’s unique variety of clients, from hospitals to universities to pharmaceutical companies, meant they were in need of a unique inbound marketing solution that could target each of these clients and produce results. Though Multi-Lab was satisfied with their website, they knew they needed to generate more traffic if they wanted to remain relevant in their competitive industry.

A Challenge to Boost Sales

Multi-Lab’s ultimate objective was to grow sales and hit a stretch sales goal, and they knew to achieve this they needed a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that could bump up the low traffic rates they were currently seeing. They needed to increase traffic for more qualified leads and they wanted to do it in a way that was measurable and provided transparent results.

Evenbound took on the Multi-Lab inbound marketing project, and as we applied our unique strategy tailored specifically to Multi-Lab’s goals, they began to see immediate results.

Inbound Marketing Results that Stand Alone

In the first 90 days, the Evenbound inbound marketing strategy has delivered the following results for Multi-Lab:

  • 20 new sales leads per month
  • 4,655 site visitors
  • 1,986 new contacts
  • 7 new customers
  • $800,000+ in forecasted sales



If you’re a manufacturing company looking to surpass your own stretch goal, Evenbound can help. Get started by scheduling a consultation.