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Manufacturing Case Study

Inbound Marketing Support Increases Manufacturing Consultant’s Qualified Leads and Drives Conversions

Even as we progress into the 2020s, digital marketing remains a fresh business strategy that some still see as experimental. Many companies, especially in the manufacturing industry, have yet to use any marketing tactics outside of traditional print marketing. But when companies in the industrial sector make the jump into the digital world, the results can be exceptional.

This case study highlights how one company in the manufacturing industry made the transition to digital and developed a successful marketing strategy that delivered qualified leads and overall company growth. Over the course of our initial 12-month engagement, our client saw:


Percent Increase
in New Users


Percent Increase
in Sessions


New Conversions


Geolean USA is a world leader in lean consulting and implementation. Geolean custom engineers material flow solutions that streamline manufacturing processes, boosting efficiency and increasing profitability for big-name manufacturing clients. Their company functions in two parts:

  • As a consultancy – balance production, maximize efficiency and minimize waste.
  • As a manufacturer – lean solution systems that improve productivity and product quality.

Before bringing in Evenbound as a primary marketing resource, Geolean was generating the majority of their leads through word-of-mouth referrals and sales cold calls.

The Challenge

Implementing an Inbound Marketing Strategy From Scratch

While Geolean had a dedicated sales team covering the nation, they were working in a traditional industry that doesn’t have much history in marketing. They had heard of inbound marketing and were taking steps to improve their website and begin a company blog, but they didn’t have the manpower to research inbound and implement a full-scale marketing strategy on their own.

Geolean approached Evenbound with a goal to develop an inbound marketing strategy that focused specifically on growing the consulting side of their company. Geolean understood the benefits of inbound marketing and had an ultimate goal to grow their company by reaching a greater audience of manufacturers interested in lean integration.

The Evenbound Strategy

Developing Targeted Content and Enabling Sales Teams for Increased Qualified Leads and Conversions

  • Inbound Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Premium Content Offers
  • Blogging
  • HubSpot Onboarding
  • Sales Enablement

The first thing Evenbound did was complete a full audit of Geolean’s website and marketing and sales materials. This audit offered a comprehensive picture of where Geolean was, and how we could create a strategy that would help them achieve their goals.

We implemented the following improvements:

  • Identified key buyer personas in each industry Geolean serves.
  • Developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy specifically tailored to each buyer persona.
  • Designed and launched a new, responsive website that supports a full suite of inbound marketing tools, and integrates with the HubSpot platform.
  • Created targeted website content, conversion optimization, calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead-nurturing content offers.
  • Created strategic blog content to draw qualified leads into workflows.
  • Implemented marketing automation and workflows.
  • Ensured quality on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization.
  • Onboarded Geolean sales and marketing teams to the new HubSpot CRM.

Following their website redesign and HubSpot onboarding session, Geolean is now using a comprehensive set of HubSpot features to nurture leads and delight their clients. Evenbound regularly develops new content, case studies, and blog posts that help Geolean rank for relevant keywords, drawing in new, qualified traffic. The Geolean sales team is able to nurture those warm leads using the HubSpot platform and Evenbound-developed email workflows and content offers. This holistic inbound marketing approach to business growth has proven successful in our year-long partnership with Geolean.

The Results

An Inbound Marketing Strategy & Successful Sales Team

The Geolean inbound marketing strategy has shown positive results for overall business growth. Website analytics and metrics show that the improvements made to the new site, and the targeted content Evenbound continually develops for Geolean are driving new, engaged traffic.

In just one year, we delivered the following results:

  • 178% – Increase in new users
  • 166% – Increase in sessions
  • 32% – Increase in average session duration
  • 35% – Increase in pages read per session
  • 241 – New conversions

This inbound strategy isn’t just driving traffic, it’s boosting qualified traffic. For the last 7 months, our digital strategy has delivered Geolean an average of 21 new marketing qualified leads per month, and 241 leads overall.

With the HubSpot CRM, Geolean’s team now has the tools they need to turn those leads into customers and promoters, and their sales team is closing on an average of 2.5 new contacts each month. Each aspect of Geolean’s inbound marketing plan is working seamlessly to funnel new leads into contacts and drive exceptional growth that will continue on into 2019.

What’s Next?

More qualified leads that contribute to Geolean’s overall company growth.

Now in our second phase of partnership with Geolean, the Evenbound team is working to further develop their unique digital marketing program to expand brand awareness, nurture more leads through the buyer’s journey, and keep the Geolean sales team at or above their ever-growing conversion goals. We’re excited to continue providing value in the form of better, more qualified leads that contribute to Geolean’s overall company growth.

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