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Strategic Web Design + SEO Strategy Push Local Senior Care Provider To The Top of Search Engine Results

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to get lost in the details. With all of the new technologies and strategies out there, many companies forget to start with a solid foundation. It’s important for all of us to remember that no digital marketing effort can make much of a difference if you don’t have the foundation to support those efforts and the growth you’re looking for.

This case study shows how Evenbound helped one local senior care provider develop a beautiful, functional, and well-organized website, that, when combined with our intuitive SEO strategy, formed the foundation for their company’s future growth. Our strategy delivered the following results:


Increase in New Users


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Organic Traffic


Heritage Senior Communities is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company dedicated to bringing quality senior housing and licensed assisted living to families in Michigan and Indiana. Heritage Senior Communities (HSC) provides an exceptional range of services to their residents, ranging from luxury amenities to specialized care for residents with dementia.

When HSC came to Evenbound, they had a huge, outdated website with a tangled page structure. Their current site wasn’t accurately showcasing the quality of their facilities and care, wasn’t speaking to their ideal audience, and wasn’t ranking well in local search engine results.

The Challenge

Reorganizing & Optimizing a Website to Deliver Quality Results

The biggest challenge in the HSC website project was the massive size of their website. HSC owns more than 16 senior communities and assisted living centers, and needed quality content for each, while still providing a cohesive, branded look for their company as a whole. A key challenge came in organizing information in a way that made sense both to users and to search engines. An added challenge came in developing original, optimized content for each facility to ensure that the website wasn’t penalized for duplicate content, and to help each unique facility rank appropriately on search engines in its own right.

Finally, HSC has the unique challenge of working directly with their senior residents as well as the children of their residents who are guardians and arrange care. The new HSC website needed to be able to speak effectively to both groups, each of which has different concerns and priorities when it comes to HSC’s offerings.

The Evenbound Strategy

Advanced SEO & Functional, Growth-Driven Design

The Evenbound team dove right in to the HSC website project, starting with two key priorities: 1) keyword research, and 2) page architecture. The new HSC website needed to rank well, and we needed to be careful about how we structured the new site to ensure that both website users and search engines could make sense of its many pages and components.

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inbound Website Design
  • Intuitive Page Architecture
  • Conversion Optimization Tools

Finally, HSC has the unique challenge of working directly with their senior residents as well as the children of their residents who are guardians and arrange care. The new HSC website needed to be able to speak effectively to both groups.

The following digital marketing tactics were implemented:

  • Completed in-depth keyword research.
  • Developed a new, logical and easy-to-browse page architecture that would resonate with readers and search engines alike.
  • Created detailed buyer personas to address HSC’s two distinct decision-makers.
  • Developed page content that spoke both to residents and to the children or guardians of residents.
  • Developed unique mini-sites for each HSC community, optimized for local search and complete with original content.
  • Optimized web functionality for ultimate user experience.
  • Integrated an “increase text size” feature for those with impaired vision.
  • Implemented conversion tools like CTAs, subscribe buttons, landing pages, and intuitive lead capture forms.
  • Ensured high quality on and off-page search engine optimization.
  • Launched a newly designed and optimized website, accurately reflected the HSC brand.

At the end of our web redesign process, HSC was presented with a brand new website that accurately reflected the quality care and service they provide their residents. The new site is quick and responsive, features simple navigation and intuitive, user-friendly design. Take a look at the images below for a look at the transformation the Evenbound team was able to deliver:

Just as important as its design, the website now serves HSC well by ranking highly for local search terms and relevant keywords their target audience is likely to search for. Not only is the new HSC website a lead generation tool, but it’s also a genuine resource for senior citizens in the area, answering top questions they have about healthcare, senior communities, and assisted living facilities.

The Results

A Growth-Focused Foundation Drawing in Traffic & Results

Evenbound continues to provide ongoing SEO support, website management, and social media promotion for HSC. Since the launch of their new website, HSC has seen the following results:

  • 265% – Increase in new users
  • 222% – Increase in sessions
  • 352 – Increase in organic traffic

These results point to the overall success of this fully revamped website. When we started working with HSC, they had an average monthly organic traffic metric of 3,759 visitors. Today, they average more than 17,000 visits from organic traffic every month. But, the best reflection of this new website’s success is how well HSC is ranking for relevant keywords and search terms.

Evenbound’s SEO strategy has enabled it to perform on search engines and to rank for relevant local and strategic keywords that will draw in the leads that HSC wants most. HSC now has the digital authority they need to stand apart from local competition and their website is working to draw in traffic and leads they can convert to sales.

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