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Functional Website Design & A Robust Digital Marketing Strategy Help Healthcare Provider Attract More of the Right Patients

The world of health and wellness is fast-evolving. Every day, there are new competitors vying for the attention of your patients. Standing out in a crowded market is difficult, but with the right tools and the right team, it can be done. Let's take a look at how the Evenbound team helped one healthcare provider gain digital marketing presence and exponentially increase new appointment requests.

In just 6 months, Evenbound delivered the following results for PrivaMD:


growth in traffic


increase in users


leads generated

Overview: A Healthcare Provider with a New Perspective

PrivaMD is a relationship-based health care provider that offers patients integrative care and functional medicine. PrivaMD is approaching healthcare with a new, preventative perspective, offering collaborative care that is designed to support their patients' individual journeys to optimal health and wellness.

The Challenge

An outdated, untargeted website and no digital marketing support

When PrivaMD first approached Evenbound, they had a website, but it wasn't working to get them in front of patients. They also didn't have much to speak of when it came to marketing. As a busy practice, their team was focused on caring for their patients, and didn't have the capacity to turn their attention to marketing too.

The PrivaMD team knew they wanted to reach more patients, and they knew they'd need a new website and a new approach to marketing to do it. They partnered with Evenbound to develop a marketing-focused website that would support a robust digital marketing strategy. We had one goal — to help PrivaMD reach more patients looking for a wellness-focused approach to healthcare.

The Solution

A brand new website geared to PrivaMD's ideal patient, and a digital marketing strategy that would draw them in

The Evenbound team started by sitting down with the PrivaMD team, where we worked to discover who their ideal patient was, what they were looking for from their healthcare provider, and how those patients preferred to connect with their health and wellness providers.

With that information in hand, we were able to create buyer personas that guided the direction of website and content development. Now we had a solid foundation. We knew who we were marketing to, and we got to work overhauling the PrivaMD website to support future digital marketing efforts.

The PrivaMD Website
Here are just a few of the strategies and tactics we implemented to deliver a more targeted, effective website that would help PrivaMD grow:

  • Reorganized page structure for intuitive user experience
  • Redesigned the site for a fresh feel that would speak to PrivaMD's younger patient base
  • Implemented landing pages and calls-to-action for simple lead generation
  • Retooled the website with technical SEO best practices in mind
  • Created individual service pages to rank for high-priority health and wellness services
  • Launched a blog where physicians could regularly post new content

The Digital Marketing Strategy
With a fresh new website built and launched, we had a solid foundation for our digital marketing strategy. The site was set up to funnel in new patients, and could easily convert new visitors who were ready to schedule an appointment. We just needed to get more people to the site. The Evenbound team developed a robust digital marketing plan that made use of both inbound and outbound marketing tactics to efficiently and effectively draw in more of the patients PrivaMD was looking for. A few of the digital marketing tactics we implemented include:

  • Developing SEO-focused content creation that would draw in more organic traffic
  • Completing regular on and off-page SEO updates to boost search engine rankings
  • Implementing targeted social media campaigns that would extend PrivaMD's reach to more qualified patients in their area.
  • Creating and launching CTAs, subscribe buttons, landing pages, and intuitive lead capture forms
  • Developing targeted paid advertising campaigns to draw in more of the right, motivated leads
  • Onboarding the PrivaMD to HubSpot, and supporting them with regular training to ensure they could keep track of all their new leads
  • Ongoing marketing consulting support to capitalize on new opportunities

The Results

The digital presence PrivaMD needs, and all of the new patients they wanted


growth in traffic


increase in users


leads generated

Throughout the 6 months that Evenbound has supported PrivaMD with our targeted digital marketing efforts, PrivaMD has seen significant results.

Not only has their digital presence skyrocketed, but our efforts are proven successful with over 2,100 qualified leads generated in just 6 months. 

PrivaMD is consistently averaging location highs in appointment requests and leads every month since the launch of the new website and implementation of Evenbound's digital marketing strategy. Each month, they're scheduling more appointments, booking more patients, and reaching their practice's growth goals.

Not only is PrivaMD seeing results now, but they're going to continue growing. These organic traffic results show that the new Evenbound-developed PrivaMD website is quickly climbing SERPs and landing on first pages for relevant keywords their ideal patients are searching.

Digital Marketing That Works

Evenbound's strategy has proven successful even in the competitive field of health and wellness

Those are exceptional results for any industry or practice, but especially for the competitive healthcare industry. The healthcare industry — especially for practitioners focusing on preventative and holistic wellness services — is crowded and competitive. Evenbound was able to highlight the key elements that make PrivaMD an ideal practice for many patients and expand the practice's reach to those patients who would appreciate their services most.

With nearly 200% growth in organic traffic and more than 2,000 leads generated in just 6 months, it's clear that targeted digital marketing strategies, implemented properly, can work for medical practices.

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