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Real Estate Development Case Study

How Evenbound Helped One Real Estate Development Sell Out with an Industry-Specific Digital Marketing Strategy

The real estate development industry has always been complex. Developers must design a community based on what they predict will resonate with consumers, and overhead is only recouped when the development itself has sold out. The goal is to build and sell out each development as quickly as possible and at a price point that returns the revenue developers need. The challenge is an often fickle, unpredictable market. Partnering with an experienced digital marketing company is one way real estate developers can confidently ensure their development gets the visibility, and the qualified leads it needs to sell out in an attractive time frame.

This case study examines how Evenbound helped one real estate development sell out in record time, and with significant revenue returns.


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Sovereign Oaks is a residential real estate development in Asheville, North Carolina. Dedicated to sustainable mountain living, properties at Sovereign Oaks offer long-range mountain views, quiet meadows, and wooded stream-front settings. Sovereign Oaks provides residents the opportunity to build a family home that’s peacefully situated in a sustainable community, but just minutes from Asheville and all the city has to offer.

Sovereign Oaks came to Evenbound for a website that could showcase the beauty of their community. But, after opening up to the public and setting ambitious sales goals for 2016, they knew they needed help drawing in the right leads for their community.

The Challenge

Drawing in Qualified, Motivated Leads in a Competitive Market to Reach an Aggressive Sales Goal

Asheville, NC is a quickly growing city. Developers across the area are vying for consumer attention. Not only did Sovereign Oaks need to meet an aggressive sales revenue goal of $6MM for the year, but they also needed to stand out from other competitors.

Sovereign Oaks needed an expert marketing team who understood the industry, and who could support marketing efforts in a variety of mediums, from inbound and outbound digital marketing to event promotion and even advertising. We knew that with the right platform already in place (a brand new website we had just developed for Sovereign Oaks), our team’s experience in real estate development, and our industry-specific marketing strategy, we could bring in the leads Sovereign Oaks needed to sell out.

The Evenbound Strategy

Using Industry Experience to Draw in the Right Leads, and Sales Enablement Training to Close Them

Having marketed & successfully sold out real estate developments in the past, Evenbound had the experience and the insider knowledge necessary to develop a marketing strategy that would fill the Sovereign Oaks development with the right leads, fast. Our team started to build on the solid digital platform we had already implemented to reach Sovereign Oak’s stretch sales goal of $6MM.

To achieve that goal, we implemented the following digital marketing strategies:

  • Developed a content marketing strategy around strategic keywords that would draw in the right homeowners from the right areas.
  • Created and deployed highly-targeted Google AdWords and paid search campaigns.
  • Drew local leads using social media campaigns targeted Sovereign Oaks’ buyer personas.
  • Implemented CTAs, subscribe buttons, landing pages, and intuitive lead capture forms.
  • Created content offers solving specific home buyer pain points, addressing questions about floor plans, pricing, local community activities and more.
  • Ensured high-quality on and off-page SEO with a special focus on local search.
  • Published strategic blog content answering key buyer persona questions and providing information about the local community.
  • Implemented marketing automation and workflows.
  • Developed event-based campaigns to drive property tours and increase urgency.
  • Onboarded the Sovereign Oaks team onto the HubSpot CRM and provided extensive sales enablement training.

Evenbound’s comprehensive real estate development marketing strategy was aligned with the Sovereign Oaks sales goals, and succeeded in filling the development in record time. Our content marketing, paid search, and search engine optimization strategies combined to put Sovereign Oaks at the top of search engine results pages for the keywords their ideal clients were actively searching.

Because we worked hard to develop a marketing strategy that aligned both with Sovereign Oaks’ sales goals, and sales process, the leads we delivered were qualified and sales-ready. Our sales enablement trainings and CRM onboarding sessions ensured that the Sovereign Oaks team had all of the tools they needed to turn those qualified leads into sales.

The Results

Unprecedented Sales Revenue and a Sold Out Development

Following the implementation of our unique digital marketing strategy and our tailored sales enablement training sessions, Sovereign Oaks blew right past their stretch sales goal. Our tactics put them ahead of the competition, and our functional website development ensured that the high-quality leads who made it to the site were nurtured into a sale.

Following the implementation of our digital marketing tactics, Sovereign Oaks saw these results:

  • 45 – Homes sold
  • $8.5mm – In sales revenue
  • 1304 – Qualified Leads
  • 2 years – To sell out

The Evenbound digital marketing strategy put Sovereign Oaks more than $2.5MM over their stretch sales goal of $6MM, and helped them sell out in just two years. Our strategy delivered 1304 qualified leads in just one year, which gave Sovereign Oaks the opportunity they needed to sell out, and sell out quickly. Our strategy ensured that the Sovereign Oaks team had plenty of the right leads, and our training ensured that their sales team had the tools to effectively nurture those leads into sales.

Our experience in the real estate development industry allowed us to develop a digital marketing strategy that increased qualified traffic, both organically and from strategic paid search campaigns. That traffic was then converted into qualified leads by the powerful website we developed.

Our marketing automation and workflows nurtured those leads through the buyer’s journey until they were ready to schedule a tour with the Sovereign Oaks sales team and make a purchasing decision.

These results generated exceptional sales revenue for Sovereign Oaks and helped them sell out their development in record time.

What’s Next?

Ensure that our digital marketing strategies continue to push Sovereign Oaks’ developments ahead of the competition.

Since selling out the Sovereign Oaks development, Evenbound has worked with parent company TFM Carolina to market and sell out three more communities in the Asheville area. Our unique experience in the real estate development industry has ensured our digital marketing strategies push the company’s developments ahead of the competition. We’re excited to continue on this journey with TFM Carolina, and help match more Asheville residents with their ideal, sustainable mountain home.

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